End Etimesgut's Traffic Ordeal: Connection Road Opened to Traffic

The last connection road to etimesgut traffic has been opened to traffic
The last connection road to etimesgut traffic has been opened to traffic

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed projects that expand the transportation network and prioritize life safety in the capital, continues its transportation attack. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has started working at the points where traffic problems have been experienced for years, has finally rolled up its sleeves for the connection roads that will solve the traffic density of the Etimesgut district. Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, with his social media accounts, stated that the connection roads from Hikmet Özer Caddesi Halk Ekmek Junction to 15 July Martyrs Boulevard and Martyr Sait Ertürk Hospital Multi-Storey Junction have been completed and opened to traffic, and said, "When our Istasyon Street alternative boulevard is finished, Etimesgut and Our 1,5 million citizens from Sincan will have comfortable transportation," he said.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its works 7/24 to provide a more comfortable and safe transportation to the citizens of the Capital.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has started a transportation attack in regions whose traffic problems have not been resolved for years, is finally implementing alternative transportation projects that will reduce the traffic density in Etimesgut district. The Department of Science Affairs, which continues to work on the connection road of the Bağlıca Boulevard-Cirvironment Road, especially İstasyon Street, has now completed the connection roads it has made from Hikmet Özer Street Halk Ekmek Intersection to 15 July Martyrs Boulevard and Martyr Sait Ertürk Hospital Multi-Storey Junction.

Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş stated that the connection roads were opened to traffic with his video sharing on his social media accounts, and said, "When our Istasyon Street alternative boulevard is finished, 1,5 million of our citizens from Etimesgut and Sincan will have comfortable transportation."


In Etimesgut district, the teams of the Department of Science Affairs, working hard to complete the new 7-kilometer road connections, opened the road to traffic.

In order to ensure the safety of life and uninterrupted traffic flow of the citizens, the new 15-kilometer connection road from Hikmet Özer Caddesi Halk Ekmek Interchange to 4 July Martyrs Boulevard will serve as 3 rounds and 3 arrivals.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented one of the projects that will greatly relieve the regional traffic, has also opened a new 3-kilometer connection road, consisting of 3 round-trip lanes, from Hikmet Özer Caddesi Halk Ekmek Interchange to Martyr Sait Ertürk Hospital Multi-Storey Junction.


In order to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow on the new connection roads, the Department of Science Affairs has also completed the construction of a 3-way-turn bridge and a clover-shaped intersection.

The connection roads, which are considered as a new alternative for transportation to the Etimesgut region, will also serve as a ring road to the National Intelligence Organization campus and the Etimesgut Armored Units Command Barracks. With the new connection road opened to traffic and the Istasyon Street Alternative Boulevard Project, which is planned to be completed soon, it is aimed to solve the traffic problem of approximately 1,5 million citizens living in the Sincan and Etimesgut regions to a large extent.


As well as the drivers who started using the road, the tradesmen of the region expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

Cemil Ozdemir: “I was very satisfied. It was very nice. We like every service of the Metropolitan Municipality very much. It was the way to go. God bless you."

Ergin Sword: “It was a number ten road. We got rid of Etimesgut traffic. We're just taking a shortcut through here."

-Ayhan Garip: “I am a tradesman here. I own a shop. We are very pleased with the opening of this road. It eased the traffic density. The trouble caused by the accidents is over.”

-Serdar Var: “My tradesman. The traffic in Etimesgut will decrease by 80 percent. By using the entrance in front of the hospital, we can come directly without even using the Baglica road. It eases the traffic in the city center. It has been a very useful way.”

-Gulsah Yalcin: “I knew this place would open. Now I wanted to try. I'm going to use this road from now on when I go to work. It worked great for me. I couldn't use the Istanbul Road because there was a lot of traffic, I was bored of stopping and going on the streets. This place shortened my path in half. Well done.”

-Cengiz Abay: “The road is beautiful. We thank you. It both saved us from traffic and shortened our path.”

-Mahmut Şahin: “We can go directly from here without any traffic in the city.”

-Bilal Ozden: “We love our President Mansur very much and find him very successful. This road was also beautiful. It will ease the traffic. There were fatal accidents. My President Mansur opened the other intersection and solved the problem there. It also solves the problem on Station Street.”

- Kasım Bozkurt: “We are proud of what the President has done. Point shooting works. It touches the heart of the city.”

-Emin Bulguroglu: “I saw it coming and immediately took this road. It enabled me to reach the Station District by a shorter route. I've never been in traffic in the city. I really liked the road.”

-Loyal Palace: “I came to my house without getting stuck in traffic. It was a shorter trip. There were traffic accidents and traffic density here. We used to have to enter Etimesgut traffic, but now we are not dealing with any of them. Thank you very much."

-Isa Arikan: “My house is on Station Street. It's been very good for me. It was difficult for us to go around the Baglica Boulevard, my road was 8 kilometers. Thanks to this road, my road has decreased to 3 kilometers. They also use Baglica Boulevard for driver's license training. It was difficult for them and for us. This road has been very good. We thank you."

-Harun Ergun: “I would like to thank our President Mansur very much. It used to take me half an hour, now it's five minutes."

-Emine Yildirim: “I was curious about the way, I came to try it. It's pretty cool. The road distance is too short. ”

-Ramadan Hard: “I came in 2 minutes the way I came in half an hour. It's been an amazing way. We thank you."



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