Works Started on Old Mardin Road

Work Started on the Old Mardin Road
Work Started on the Old Mardin Road

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality has started the expansion and renovation works on the 4.5 kilometer long street that connects the Old Mardin Road to the new Mardin Road.

The Metropolitan Municipality is renovating the Old Mardin Road, which is connected to the historical and symbolic places of the city such as Kırklar Mountain, Ongözlü Bridge and Goat Bastion.

The Department of Road Construction, Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination has started infrastructure works on the Old Mardin Road, which is located in Sur District, which is included in the scope of the 2021 asphalt program and has a very important place in terms of tourism in the city.

Road construction teams continue excavation and platform works for retaining walls in the sections where road widening operations will be carried out.

On the Mardin Road, the teams will build a road widening, 4.5 bridge, 1-meter bored pile retaining wall and art structures in a 620-kilometer section from the Bagivar Bridge to the new Mardin Road.

Within the scope of the works, the underpass located at the place where the old Tekel Alcoholic Beverage Factory was will be expanded and a new 71-meter bridge will be built instead of the old bridge that connects to Çarıklı Mahallesi.

In order to enable the citizens to use the street comfortably, when the teams complete their work, the sidewalks will be 3 meters wide and the road 14 meters wide.

The Metropolitan Municipality will illuminate the street with lighting poles to be erected after the completion of the pavement works, taking into account the intense use of the Old Mardin Road by local and foreign tourists, especially the people of Diyarbakır.



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