Wristband that Prevents Shaking Hand Designed

wristband designed to prevent hand tremor
wristband designed to prevent hand tremor

ALEA, the entrepreneurial company of Üsküdar University BrainPark Incubation Center, started to produce wearable technology products. Established at the BrainPark Incubation Center operating within Üsküdar University, ALEA aims to provide solutions in the field of health with wearable neurotechnology products. The wristband produced by the company aims to prevent tremor and improve the quality of life of the individual in the treatment of "tremor", also known as tremor disease. The founding partner of the company, Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı said that they also developed products for neurological diseases such as epilepsy, migraine, depression, ulcerative colitis, hypertension, diabetes and tinnitus (tinnitus).

ALEA Neurotechnology and AR-GE Anonim A.Ş., established at Üsküdar University BrainPark Incubation Center with the support of BrainPark TTO, aims to provide services especially in the field of wearable neurotechnology.

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine Head of Neuroscience Department Prof. Dr. The special bracelet developed by ALEA, founded under the leadership of Sultan Tarlacı and his team Pusat Furkan Doğan and Metehan Kaya, offers the treatment of hand tremor, which is called “tremor”.

Wristband designed to prevent hand shaking

ALEA company conducts studies on the treatment of hand tremor, which is called “tremor”. Tremor, which is a disease that causes difficulties in eating and drinking, disruption of daily activities, weakness in writing and using tools, fatigue and loss of balance, reduces the quality of life of the individual. With the damping wristband designed by ALEA, it is aimed to reduce tremor, to prevent tremor without weighing the patient, and to offer the patient a quality life.

The First Domestic Product in Turkey for the Treatment of Tremor Disease

In the field of wearable neurotechnology, ALEA, which has no competitors in the treatment of Tremor Disease in Turkey, stands out in the sector both with its price and the features it offers. ALEA, which is preparing to open up to the global market, stands out with its practical and cost-effective solution proposal.

prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı: “We aim to treat tremor”

ALEA Neurotechnology and R&D Anonim A.Ş. Founding Partner Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı said that they aim to treat tremor caused by various causes such as aging, stress, hyperthyroidism, stroke, trauma and Parkinson's, and to increase the patient's quality of life.

prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı said, “We observed that tremors in the limbs, which occur regardless of age and gender, reduce the quality of life and that people who try to cope with many problems due to this tremor are more depressed. With the wristband we developed, we aim to increase the quality of life by reducing tremors.” said.

ALEA will cure many diseases with wearable products

Expressing that they plan to offer treatment for many diseases with wearable neurological products, Prof. Dr. Tarlacı said, “For now, we will continue with wearable technologies that will improve tremor in other limbs, on the path that we started with only wristbands. In addition, we will soon introduce the products we have developed for neurological diseases such as epilepsy, migraine, depression, ulcerative colitis, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, diabetes and tinnitus (tinnitus). We established our company in Üsküdar University BrainPark Incubation Center. We are very pleased to act together with our Incubation Center on commercialization, investment and global expansion and their support. We are proud to offer practical and affordable wearable technology in the local and global market.” said.

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