TAYK – Eker won the Cup at Olympos Regatta 2021 Orient Express VI Kazanoutside

eker olympos regatta de cup orient express vi kazandi
eker olympos regatta de cup orient express vi kazandi

The Orient Express VI team became the winner of 2021 in TAYK – Eker Olympos Regatta, a race that has pushed the limits since its first year and made sailors experience four seasons on the sea. Performing very successfully for three days after the first start in Moda, Orient Express VI deserves to win the championship trophy designed by Mehmet Erdoğdu for 2021 with its final stage performance. kazanwas.

Enjoyable racing experience for sailors

TAYK – Eker Olympos Regatta, which was held for the ninth time by the Turkish Offshore Racing Club (TAYK) under the main sponsorship of Eker Dairy and in cooperation with Bursa Sailing Club and Moda Marine Club, offered sailors an enjoyable racing experience with both wind conditions and temperature conditions.

In the race, in which 17 boats participated, the teams benefited from the strong winds in the Moda – Tirilye stage and the Tirilye Koyiçi Race, while the last stage, Tirilye – Istanbul stage, sailed under difficult and tiring conditions.

The sailors, who faced different conditions on the water, especially during their evening voyages, stated that they had a very enjoyable process from the beginning to the end of the race, despite this. In the race where the Orient Express VI team won the general classification, the category leaders were as follows:

  • IRC 0: Orient Express VI
  • IRC I: Target Sailing 40 – Trapeze Sailing Team
  • IRC II: Akkim Kimya Cheese V
  • IRC III: Eti Alize

Trip: (The winner of the trip category will be announced later)

Teams of reputable institutions also took part in the race.

In 2021, successful sailing clubs as well as teams of respected brands participated in the race, which was organized with the motto "Let's Meet in the Missing Winds" to bring together sailors from Bursa and Istanbul.

Teams of brands from many different sectors, from sportswear to construction, from chemistry to window and door systems, from information technologies and telecommunication to food retail, took part in the TAYK – Eker Olympos Regatta, where sailors who are senior managers in their companies and their colleagues with whom they work together compete.

The team list of TAYK – Eker Olympos Regatta 2021 was as follows:

IRC 0 Class:

  • Orient Express VI
  • Pinocchio
  • Mesa Sailing Team – Shak Shuka 3

IRC Class I:

  • Europen Sailing Team – MYA
  • MSI Sailing Team / Anything Goes
  • Target Sailing 40 – Trapeze Sailing Team
  • Akpa Chemicals
  • Columbia Alize 1070

IRC Class II:

  • Logo
  • Fenerbahce 5
  • Turkcell Alize M
  • Akkim Kimya Cheese V
  • radical

IRC III Class:

  • Özay Sailing Team – Electron
  • Eti Alize

Trip Class:

  • İSKO Sailing Team
  • Target Sail 35

TAYK – Eker Olympos Regatta will continue in 2022 to make young people love sailing and to offer talented sailors a smooth racing experience.

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