Family Traveling With The Eastern Express Train Had A Midnight Shock

A midnight throw to the family traveling by the eastern express train
A midnight throw to the family traveling by the eastern express train

📩 24/08/2021 10:27

A family traveling on the Eastern Express train was shocked at midnight. When it was determined that they were in contact with the Corona virus, they were downloaded at Kırıkkale station and quarantined in the dormitory.

Within the scope of Covid-19 measures under the coordination of Kırıkkale Governor's Office, Provincial Epidemic Control Center teams conduct 24-hour inspections. The number of people quarantined during inspections and inspections as a result of notifications is also increasing.

This time, a family who was found to be in contact with Covid-19 while traveling from Ankara to Sivas on the Eastern Express train experienced a midnight shock. The family, who got off the train at Kırıkkale station, asked for help from the 112 Emergency Call Center in order not to become a fugitive. A team was dispatched from the Provincial Epidemic Control Center with the notification.

In the HES code control performed by the filiation teams, it was understood that the quarantines of mother CD (40), father MD (46) and their children M.D (18) continued. An administrative fine of 4 thousand 50 liras was imposed on the family who violated the quarantine.

He was also quarantined in a dormitory affiliated to the Provincial Directorate of National Education.

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