Why Does the Tip of the Nose Drop?

Why does the tip of the nose fall?
Why does the tip of the nose fall?

Ear Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Associate Professor Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information on the subject. Many people complain about the low tip of the nose, so why does the tip of the nose fall?

The most important factor is gravity, the second most important factor is nasal allergy, the third most important factor is skin thickness, there are many other factors.

With time and age, people have difficulty in breathing and when they lift the tip of their nose with their fingers, their breathing becomes better. The most important reason for this is the drop of the tip of the nose.

Nasal drooping can also be seen in people who do not have any nose surgery. Due to the flexible nature of the nose tip, people constantly wipe, squeeze, pull and mix their noses due to allergies in their noses, causing loosening of the connective tissue and ligaments at the tip of the nose, which weakens the tip of the nose. This situation is combined with the effect of gravity. becomes more obvious. Again, with age, there is a sagging due to the decrease in the fat tissue on our face and the weakening of the connective tissues, and in the same way, the nose sags and falls a little with age.

The skin of some people's nose tip is thicker, oily and swollen. In people with such skin structure, the nose tip falls over time because the nasal cartilages have difficulty in carrying the nose skin. This negatively affects breathing. In patients with developmental arches, the tip of the nose is lower due to the structure of the arch, and the tip of the nose is relatively lower due to this structural shape.

Another important factor that causes nasal tip droop is trauma. This weakens the support of the structures in this region and causes them to collapse.

In order to breathe better, the cartilage and skin structures at the tip of the nose must be in harmony and healthy. Collapses in the wings of the nose, weak support of the support tissue in the middle of the nose, that is, the septum, swelling of the flesh in the nose affects the quality of life negatively, especially by affecting breathing.

Nasal tip drooping is also seen frequently after increased rhinoplasty operations recently. 1-2 mm drops can be considered normal, but when there is a 1,5-2 cm drop, it is beneficial for patients to contact their physician and have control. It is an important point that affects the quality of breathing. It is very important for health to improve the quality of life and sleep by correcting the falls and sagging in this area.

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