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Turkey's financial literacy level is on the rise. The results of the Turkey Financial Literacy Survey conducted under the leadership of the Financial Literacy and Access Association (FODER) reveal the increase in awareness of financial literacy. According to the research, the ratio of individuals who have the least financial information in Turkey increased by 5 points to 75%. The increasing awareness towards financial literacy has brought the concept of digital literacy to our lives with the development in technology. In the digital world, the voice of online investment platforms is getting louder. Foremost among these, Binomo provides warm-up tours in the first place with the trainings it offers to those who want to earn additional income as digital literacy. Binomo's website and those who are promoted to digital literacy step by step through the trainings it offers to users through its mobile application, can acquire the necessary knowledge and experience for conscious investment. By taking advantage of Binomo's trainings, those who start their business with small steps can avoid the critical mistakes made in order to obtain a quick money source and reach the additional income they target through the most accurate way. But how?

Binomo öbeforeğit says

Financial literacy, which is positioned in a wide framework from managing the family budget to savings plans, opens the door to earning additional income for everyone with the instruments of the digital world. Those who become digitally literate through online trading platforms may face failure at the beginning of the road, as they do not have sufficient knowledge and competence. Although the desire to gain financial freedom in a fast and easy way attracts users, it is very important to take slow and sure steps at this point. binomo, user-friendly trainings ve Demo Account Thanks to this, it prepares newcomers to the dynamics of the investment world.

Binomo, the online trading platform that allows trading on the price movements of different financial assets in a certain time period, guides users with the trainings it offers by saying "training first". Today, serving in 133 countries, including Turkey, Binomo offers a roadmap consisting of small steps that provide tips for investing in financial assets to prospective investors. Whether you are an engineer, a call center operator or a housewife… You can learn the most accurate methods of investing in financial assets by taking advantage of Binomo's trainings, and you can increase your income by calculating the next step in every step you take.

virtual experience

The trainings offered by Binomo, where approximately 1 million people make commercial transactions every day, do not only consist of pill information. It supports the trainings it offers with videos and different content with the virtual experience platform it has created. In this context, it provides investment training to users with the Demo Account, which it has developed for those new to digital literacy. Users are preparing for the big marathon, that is, for real transactions, through this account. The information gained during the training and the virtual investments made lead the way in real transactions.

Information and application center

In addition to the trainings, the Demo Account, where virtual money of 8.000 TL is defined before making real transactions, welcomes users who do not have experience in Binomo. The Demo Account provides users with a virtual experience guided by the information they receive from the trainings. Using the trial and error method, users can test what kind of results they can face through this account. Thus, both the experience of how the platform is used and the critical points during the transactions can become memorable.

Güvenli böIgA

Binomo introduces users to the dynamics of the investment world with the trainings it provides on its website and mobile application. Those who have never traded before can start training on the Demo Account, which Binomo defines as a safe zone, to gain experience. The knowledge of users is expanded with trainings on the first steps of trading, acquiring the necessary skills to switch to the real account, investment tools and strategies. Users who complete all of the trainings can follow professional strategies for their investments by gaining a conscious investor identity.

4 adıfinancial literateık roadmapı

If you also want to gain experience in financial literacy but do not know where to start, you can get the knowledge and experience you need by following the step-by-step trainings of Binomo. Here is the financial literacy roadmap in 4 steps from Binomo…

1) Focusın

Getting started is the hardest part of any job. Begin by focusing on only one transaction model, as you will encounter many obstacles on this path. Choose the most understandable for you among the many investment instruments. Learn all aspects of your chosen model very well. Analyze the consequences of the different steps to be taken in this type of transaction. Do not be distracted by different trading models and strategies.

2) Analyze

If you are satisfied with the gains made by the path you took in the first step, proceed to the second step. If you're still confused, go back and start over. If you were able to proceed to the second step, it means that you have mastered the trading model you have chosen. In this step, you can create a good trading plan. Make sure you choose the right entity for this. The size of the transaction you will make must comply with your risk management rules. Search for the best price to trade. Calculate how long it will take you to trade at this price. It is also critical that you allocate the necessary time for processing.

3) Control your risks

The third step in trading professionally is always controlling your risks. Your strategy that gives you a profit 60% of the time can also make a loss the other 40%. Keep this statistic in mind. Reduce the size of trades during unprofitable trading periods and increase them during profitable trading periods. Do not forget to be a frequent follower.

4) Decide

In order to make the right decisions, analyze the market very well. Take a position according to the trend of the market in all your transactions. The previous 3 steps ask you, “Which data should I collect and how?” will answer the question. Once you know the general situation in the market, make sure you have found the right time to trade and whether the market conditions are suitable for your trading style. How close the market has been to the average in the last sessions and the general mood will determine your decision. For this reason, do not forget to include the mood of the market while taking a position.

After reading all this, we seem to hear you say, “It was not as difficult as I thought to step into the world of investment”. Then you can use Binomo's mobile application. App Store or Google PlayYou can download it from and start learning with a series of instructional videos!

Please note: Trading always involves risk and it is not possible to earn additional income on every transaction. Knowing this, trading will also ensure that the investor is aware of the risks.



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