Bayraktar TB3 SİHA will meet the sky in 2022

Bayraktar Tb Siha will also meet with the sky
Bayraktar Tb Siha will also meet with the sky

Selçuk Bayraktar, who was a guest of the "Aviation and Space Summit 2" organized by Gebze Technical University Aviation and Space Club, made statements about the TB3 SİHA.

Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar was the guest of the live broadcast organized by Gebze Technical University Aviation and Space Club (GTU HUK). Making important statements in the live broadcast held on August 4, 2021, Selçuk Bayraktar gave some information about current and future projects, including the Flying Car, Bayraktar TB-3 SİHA and MIUS.

Selçuk Bayraktar, in his statement, stated that the development of Bayraktar TB2, which is described as the older brother of Bayraktar TB3, continues. Mentioning that the Bayraktar TB3 SİHA will be a fixed-wing platform designed to be deployed on the ship, Selçuk Bayraktar stated that the platform will have the ability to stay in the air for a very long time. Stating that the platform to be equipped with ammunition will have the ability to take off and land on an LHD class ship, Bayraktar said that an aircraft with the aforementioned capability has not yet been developed in the world.

“When we set out with the idea of ​​developing such an aircraft, we saw that you needed it in the world. I can say that it is an innovation in the world, because mostly helicopter platforms have been studied. It is currently under development and we think it will be a huge force multiplier.” Selçuk Bayraktar stated that Bayraktar TB3 SİHA will have a system that can take off and land with very simple cranes and rescue nets and said, “It will even be able to land without the need for rescue nets.” he added.

MİUS will perform a joint mission with TB-3

In addition to these, Selçuk Bayraktar stated that MİUS, another platform planned to be deployed in TCG Anatolia, such as TB3, can perform duties together with Bayraktar TB-3. Bayraktar underlined that MİUS and TB-3 could become a bigger power multiplier with this synergy.

The TB3 SİHA, which will be deployed on the ship, will have a take-off weight of 1450 kg, according to the specifications presented by Selçuk Bayraktar. The wings of the SİHA, which is expected to have a maximum flight time of 24 hours, will be foldable. The first flight of Bayraktar TB3 SİHA will take place in 2022.

In the process of transforming TCG Anadolu LHD into an armed unmanned aerial vehicle (SİHA) ship, between 30 and 50 Bayraktar TB3 SİHA platforms with foldable wings will be deployed to the ship. Bayraktar TB3 SİHA systems will be able to land and take off using the deck of TCG Anadolu. It is stated that with the command center to be integrated into TCG ANADOLU, at least 10 Bayraktar TB3 SİHAs can be used in operations at the same time.

Source: defenceturk

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