Accessible Film Festival Prepares a Great Selection for Young Audiences

animated films for children from the accessible film festival
animated films for children from the accessible film festival

The Accessible Film Festival, which will take place for the ninth time between 11-17 October 2021, has prepared a great selection for its small audiences. The "For Children" selection, which is now a classic part of the festival program, aims to introduce future cinephile candidates to the magical world of cinema, with colorful and entertaining stories, and to give young audiences the habit of watching movies and the culture of cinema.

This year, there are 9 animated films in the Festival's “For Children” selection, which will present an enjoyable narrative with unique stories.

This year, in the Festival's “For Children” selection; by Christoph Sarow; Blieschow, Leaf Morale, and Are Austnes' film The Dwarf and the Fox (The Tomten), which deals with the experiences of a hungry fox entering the farm on a cold winter night, looking for food. and the Fox), Henning Backhaus's The Best Orchestra in the World, Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte and Zoé Devise's films Migrants, which tells the adventures of two polar bears exiled due to global warming, with brown bears along the way, Joost van den Bosch and Erik Verkerk's films Ink (Inkt), Gerd, which tells the amusing story of a cleaning-loving octopus Gockell and Jesús Pérez's films focusing on tolerance towards foreigners Black and White is Marjolaine Perreten's real life in the woods. The films of The Last Day of Autumn, which feature the adventure of animals collecting the parts of an abandoned bicycle for the next race, are the films of Vera van Wolferen, in which the Jeep, looking for an idyllic island full of wild nature and tropical birds, falls into a tourist trap where no escape is possible. The film Tourist Trap and Leaf (Lístek), in which Aliona Baranova tells the pursuit of the memories of a sailor who takes autumn leaves from a little girl, will be movies for little moviegoers to watch.

All Screenings Free

The Accessible Film Festival, organized by Puruli Culture and Arts, offers all its screenings free of charge to the audience this year, as every year.

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