AŞTİ Hosted Graffiti Festival

hosted the asti graffiti festival
hosted the asti graffiti festival

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring together the people of the Capital with artistic activities. Ankara Intercity Terminal Operation (AŞTİ), which is the symbol of the capital and continues to be renovated, also hosted the graffiti festival. Organized as part of the August 30 Victory Day celebrations, the festival brought together many graffiti and mural artists and residents of the Capital.

Taking action to save Ankara from the definition of a gray city, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its support to both art and artists by making the city beautiful.

As part of the August 30 Victory Day celebrations, Ankara Intercity Terminal Operation (AŞTİ) hosted the "Wall Art Festival".

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At the festival attended by many graffiti artists, the walls of AŞTİ were colored with the symbols of the Capital.

BUGSAŞ Chairman of the Board and Head of Police Department Mustafa Koç, Head of Health Affairs Department Seyfettin Aslan, Ankara City Council Executive Board Chairman Halil İbrahim Yılmaz, Assoc. Dr. Lale Özgenel, Ankara Advertisers Association President Bora Hizal, Outdoor Industrial Advertisers Association President Şahin Acar, Chamber of Interior Architects President Kasım Soner, BUGSAŞ Deputy General Managers Musa Gülcan, Mete Bilici, Ekrem Demirbağ, Yüksel Demirel and ABB Program Moderator Konuralp Orakçı. the festival he attended; Many citizens showed great interest with EGO Spor's Taekwondo, Judo, Karate and Badminton athletes.

Stating that they gave AŞTİ a beautiful appearance thanks to the festival, BUGSAS Chairman of the Board Mustafa Koç made the following evaluations:

“Ankara Working Group on the Street continues its activities within the body of the City Council in order to realize the idea of ​​our President Mansur Yavaş that we will make Ankara the capital of culture and art. As part of both the 100th anniversary of the Sakarya Victory and the 30 August Victory Day celebrations, we decorated the wall facing the Konya road in AŞTİ with graffiti. festival; We held it together with Ankara Advertisers Association, Ankara Outdoor Industrial Advertisers Association and academicians. I think that these works will both add a beautiful visuality to AŞTİ and integrate an artistic touch with the bus station culture.”


Emphasizing that they work hard to reveal the cultural and artistic aspects of the capital, Ankara City Council Executive Board Chairman Halil İbrahim Yılmaz said, “We see the impact of the creative culture industry on the city climate in Ankara today. You might think that Ankara's entrance gate, AŞTİ, is a place far from culture and art, but the entrance gates of cities are the vision and showcase of that city and the first stage where you will see all the beauties. Years ago, when we saw a graffiti artist on the street, we came from a climate where we were treated criminally to one that we hold above our heads. We are spreading the management approach in our city, which celebrates all the efforts related to art and tries to bring them together with the society.”

Wall art artists, who thanked Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş for his support to art and artists, expressed their thoughts with the following words:

-Aybars Yücel (Devak): “Being at AŞTİ means something different to me. I have many memories here and painting walls is a great pleasure for me. It is good news that the Metropolitan Municipality organizes such a festival in a public space.”

-Stock: “We came to the wall painting festival in AŞTİ. I do three-dimensional painting works. I drew the Ankara Cat and the Anatolian Civilizations Museum. We have a fun and enjoyable day, thank you to everyone who contributed.''

-Tuğçe Doğu: “It is an incredible, even wonderful, event to have a wall painting event and to experience colorful images in AŞTİ, one of the symbols of Ankara. Unfortunately, I don't think that street art is given much importance and artists are not supported in Turkey. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for their support.”

-Cem Sonel: The event held at AŞTİ was very enjoyable. Together with 2 artists and 6 of our friends from Eskişehir, we struggled to paint the walls of AŞTİ for about a week. We wanted to move forward on the symbols that Ankara hasn't been able to remember for a while. I also wanted to paint HİTİT and Atakule, one of the old motifs of Ankara and even Anatolia. I hope the guests will also like and enjoy our work.”

-MUST: “Graffiti was a branch that could not be understood for a long time and we as graffiti suffered a lot from it. It is a good development that graffiti art has become acceptable in Ankara and that such opportunities are provided.”

In addition to the various talks on the history of the city, the music feast of the Ankara Balkan Band Team and the Sound of Ladies gave unforgettable moments to the citizens at the "Wall Art Festival", which was held at the weekend and lasted for two days.

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