35 Squares in Ankara Have Free Internet

ankarada got free internet
ankarada got free internet

The free internet service, which was implemented in 918 rural neighborhoods for distance education students during the pandemic process, has now been moved to 35 squares of the Capital. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “We believe that the right to access the Internet is a fundamental human right. We will continue to weave the future of Başkent with internet networks”, the first phase of the free wi-fi service (FAZ1) has been completed. Within the scope of the second phase (FAZ2) works, free wi-fi service will be provided in 30 parks and recreation areas.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement “people-oriented” practices with the understanding of social municipality.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who started free wi-fi service in 918 neighborhoods for the benefit of distance education students in order to ensure equality of opportunity in education during the pandemic process, carried this service to city squares.


Yavaş said, “We believe that the right to access the Internet is a fundamental human right. We will continue to weave the future of the capital with internet networks” and the works started in March for a total of 35 squares have been completed.

Metropolitan Municipality Information Processing Department brought the first phase of the project (FAZ5) to life by bringing together 35 squares of the city with free internet within 1 months.


Within the scope of the works, with the provision of internet access in Güvenpark, Beşevler Universities District, Gökkuşağı Yolu, Sincan Lale Square and Nallıhan Çayırhan City Square, free wi-fi service started to be used in 35 squares and points.

While an area of ​​2 million 362 thousand square meters in Ankara's central and district squares has free internet access, the points activated through the address “wifi.ankara.bel.tr” and the points to be activated are displayed one by one. The free 1st stage wi-fi points (FAZ1) commissioned within the scope of the service that brings citizens together with fast, secure and free internet are as follows:

1- 512. Street İvedik

2- Adnan Yuksel Street

3- Akyurt Cumhuriyet Square

4- Batıkent Square (In front of GİMSA)

5- Elmadağ City Square

6- Haymana Town Square

7- Kalecik Town Square

8- Polatlı Town Square

9- Martyr Salim Akgul

10- Ayas Town Square

11- Bala Town Square

12- Beypazarı Atatürk Park

13- Çamlıdere Ali Semerkandi Tomb

14- Güdül City Square

15- Kahramankazan City Square

16- Kizilcahamam (Soguksu Departure)

17- Nallıhan City Square

18- Sereflikoçhisar Ankara Street

19- Universe Town Square

20- Ulus Square

21- Medical

22- In front of Keçiören Municipality

23- Victory Bazaar

24- Çubuk Town Square

25- Ankara Castle

26- Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque

27- Bahçelievler Adnan Ötüken Park

28- July 15 Red Crescent National Will Square

29- Batıkent Murat Karayalçın Square

30- Etimesgut Train Station

31- Guvenpark

32- Beşevler University District

33- Rainbow Road

34- Xinjiang Tulip Square

35- Çayırhan Town Square


Başkent residents, who benefit from free internet service throughout the city, expressed their satisfaction with the launch of this service in Kızılay Güvenpark, Beşevler Universities District and Nallıhan Çayırhan City Square with the following words:

-Karani Kamış: “I came to Kızılay for a tour. My internet was out. I had to look at car prices. I saw that the Metropolitan Municipality has free internet service in Güvenperk. I signed up after doing the necessary procedures. I am currently using the internet very well. I follow all the services of our president. I think all the work he does is logical and useful.”

- İsmail Akyüz: “I found the free internet service in Güvenpark very nice. Thank you to our President.”

-Sercan Merdanoğlu: “Instead of going somewhere and spending money to access the internet, I can now connect to the internet as I want at free wi-fi points. Very nice thought. Mansur President would have done that anyway.”

-Kurtuluş Bulut: “I was very pleased with the free internet application at Güvenpark. Most of our day is spent with our phone in hand. It has been a successful and very logical project.”

-Efe Berke Erdar: “There was no such thing before Mansur Yavaş. Now we can easily access the Internet anywhere.”

-Eylül Özdemir: “This is the first time we see something like this. A very nice project has been realized in Güvenpark. It was very nice especially for young people.”

-Şevval Erdal: “I can connect to the free internet in Güvenpark. I am very satisfied.”

- Sümeyye Kurt: “I can connect to the free internet in Güvenpark and many other places. I am very satisfied with this service. Thank you very much to the Metropolitan Municipality. ”

-Emrullah Cürebal: “Free internet is a well thought out service. People may need the internet urgently.”

-Halil Yüksel: “I took advantage of the free wi-fi service. I am extremely satisfied.”

-Halil Göktuğ Arık: “As today is the internet age, everyone needs internet in the city center, whether in the subway or in crowded areas. Internet is needed for everything, not just social media. Therefore, it is a very logical step to have it in city centers.”

-Ece Yaren Ercan: “Connecting the internet here is a very good practice since Ankara is a busy place.”

-Damla Dalay: “I am very happy in terms of this service. After all, many people need the internet. It may need to be used urgently. It's nice that we can use it when we need it. Thank you for this service.”

-Merve Usullu: “Free internet service is a very useful service for everyone. It was supposed to be in this area because there are too many students here. During the pandemic, people need the internet very much. There are many people around me who use the internet and they are satisfied like me.”


In the second phase of the project (FAZ2), 2 more points with parks and recreation areas will be connected to wi-fi and will be opened to the use of citizens.

Until the end of the year in the capital, free internet will be available in an area of ​​approximately 65 million square meters at 10 points in the square and recreation areas throughout the city.

The points where there are 5 parks and recreation areas covering a total area of ​​265 million 30 thousand square meters where the free wi-fi application will be put into use are as follows:

1- Demetevler Park

2- Demetevler Cemre Park

3- Nevbahce park

4- Ali Dincer Park

5- Gokcek Park

6- Keçiören Pets Park

7- Esertepe Recreation Area

8- North Star Park

9- Çankaya Segmenler Park

10- Botanical Park

11- Ovecler Recreation Area Part-1

12- Ovecler Recreation Area Part-2

13- Dikmen Valley 1st Stage

14- Dikmen Valley 2st Stage

15- Dikmen Valley 3st Stage

16- Göksu Park

17- Youth Park

18- 50th Anniversary Park

19- Altinpark

20- Mogan Lake Recreation Area

21- Golbasi

22- AŞTİ

23- Independence Park

24- Wonderland

25- Elmadag İsmetpasa Park

26- Mamak Şafaktepe Park

27- Heydar Aliyev Park

28- Sule Çet Park

29- Bird Family Life

30- Dodurga Ordukent Recreation Area

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