Ankara Metropolitan Published Tender for Two Giant Transportation Projects

ankara buyuksehir went out to tender for two giant transportation projects
ankara buyuksehir went out to tender for two giant transportation projects

Pressing the button for two important transportation projects, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will build an alternative new boulevard that will connect Bilkent-İncek Boulevard to the Niğde Adana Ring Road and a multi-storey junction in front of the TRT General Directorate on Turan Güneş Boulevard.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is implementing transportation projects, one by one, that will both prioritize the safety of the drivers and reduce the traffic density at the points where there is traffic congestion in the capital. The Department of Science and Technology went out to tender for two giant transportation projects on 25 August. While 47 companies submitted bids in one of the tenders where record cuts were experienced, 10 companies competed in the other.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to undertake major projects in transportation infrastructure in order to provide safe and comfortable transportation in the Capital.


The Metropolitan Municipality aims to ease the traffic by increasing the ring road connections that will facilitate the exit from the city center to the outskirts of the province as well as the city transportation.

In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality, which went out to tender for the construction of a new boulevard to connect the Bilkent Diyanet Mosque Junction on Eskişehir Road, first to Incek Boulevard and then to the Niğde Adana Ring Road Junction, will start the construction work after the tender, which attracted great interest from the companies, is finalized.

While 54 companies submitted bids for the tender, which has an approximate cost of 655 million 689 thousand 47 TL, the rate of slaughter in the tender was 37,48 percent. The result of the tender, broadcast live on ABB TV and Metropolitan Municipality social media accounts, will be announced in the coming days after the evaluation of the tender commission.


The 11-kilometer connection road, which will be an alternative boulevard to the Konya Road and relieve the traffic of the Konya Road, will consist of 4 departure and 4 arrival lanes.

Thanks to the new boulevard, vehicles coming from outside the city; By using the new connection road without entering Konya Road (Mevlana Boulevard), it will be able to provide easier access to Incek Çayyolu, Ümitköy, Beytepe, Eskişehir Road, Bilkent and City Hospital.

An underpass will also be built at the İncek Boulevard Junction, the tender of which will be made later. Thanks to the signalized intersection to be located on the underpass that will serve as 4 round-trip lanes, transportation will be provided in the direction of Çankaya Turan Güneş Boulevard and İncek Boulevard.


The Department of Science Affairs has implemented multi-storey intersection projects on Turan Güneş Boulevard, which is one of the points where traffic jams are experienced in the city.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously held the tender for the intersection in front of Panora, has now entered the tender for the construction of a multi-storey intersection in front of the TRT General Directorate.


While 35 companies submitted bids for the "TRT General Directorate Front-Storey Interchange Construction" tender, which costs 470 million 594 thousand 10 TL, the rate of destruction was 21 percent.

While aiming for uninterrupted traffic flow with the project that will allow traffic to breathe on Turan Güneş Boulevard, the 700-meter-long multi-storey junction to be built in front of the TRT General Directorate will consist of 2 round-trip lanes.

With the underpass to be built within the scope of the multi-storey junction, the uninterrupted flow of vehicles on Turan Güneş Boulevard will be ensured without waiting at the traffic lights. Citizens residing in the region will be able to reach Jordan Street more easily, and from the direction of Jordan Street towards Doğukent Boulevard and Land Registry Cadastre Junction, thanks to signalized roundabouts.



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