Ankara BB, Herokazan Second Hand Car Market Started to Construction

ankara bb herokazan second hand car market started to be built
ankara bb herokazan second hand car market started to be built

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality takes into account the demands of the citizens in order to ensure commercial mobility in the Capital. The Department of Science Affairs took action in line with the needs of the city andkazanThe second-hand auto market with a capacity of one thousand vehicles began to be built in an area of ​​100 thousand square meters in .

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring together the projects needed by the city with the citizens of the Capital in order to increase commercial mobility and revive the economy.

Department of Science Affairs, mobility to the automotive market kazanHero to climbkazan started the construction of the used car auto market in the district.


Herokazan The second-hand auto market, which is under construction on an area of ​​100 thousand square meters in the district and consists of two stages, will have a capacity of XNUMX vehicles.

The new auto market, where there will be a cafeteria area that meets the basic needs of the citizens, will also be monitored with security and camera systems.

After the first phase works, which are planned to be completed next month, the auto market will start its activities. Thanks to the project, it is aimed to increase the business of regional tradesmen and local market tradesmen.

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