The Forensic Medicine Institute Will Recruit 23 Public Personnel!

forensic medicine institution will make a public personnel scholar
forensic medicine institution will make a public personnel scholar

To be employed in the Central and Provincial Organization of the Forensic Medicine Institute, pursuant to Article 657/A of the Civil Servants Law No. 4; Annex 1According to the results of the oral examination to be held by the Forensic Medicine Institute, for 14 Data Preparation and Control Operators, 1 Cook, 2 Biologists and 6 Health Technicians (Autopsy), whose location, title, qualification and special conditions are specified in the
will be purchased.

Candidates who take the KPSS in 2020 and get at least 70 points from the type of score sought for each staff will be able to apply for the oral exams to be held by the Forensic Medicine Institute. Applicants must meet the conditions set forth in Articles 5 and 6 of the Civil Servant Examination, Appointment and Transfer Regulations of the Ministry of Justice and the conditions specified in Article 4 of this announcement.

Three times the number of positions announced for each title, starting from the highest score, will be invited to the oral exams, based on the scores obtained in the central exam.

The following general and Annex 1They must meet the special conditions specified in .

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General conditions:

  • a) be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
  • b) To meet the age requirements in Article 27 of the Law No. 2021 on August 657, 40, the application deadline, and to be under the age of 35 as of the first day of January of the year in which the central examination is held. (Those born on or after January 01, 1985 can apply.)
  • c) Not having any interest in military service or not having reached the age of military service, having completed active military service or postponed or transferred to the reserve class,
  • ç) Not to be convicted of the crimes listed in the amended 657/48-A / 1 clause of Law No. 5,
  • d) Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 657 of Law No. 53, not having any mental illness that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously,
  • e) Not being deprived of public rights,
  • f) To have the education qualification required for the staff to be appointed as of the application deadline.
  • g) To be positive as a result of the Security Investigation and Archive Research.

Place and method of application

Applications will be made through the Career Gateway ​​address. Career Gate
No documents will be sent by post or other communication channels after the application made via the website.
Candidates can only submit one application for each position.

Application dates

Applications start at 16:2021 on Monday, August 10, 00 and end at 27:23 on Friday, August 59, XNUMX.
will dissolve.

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