What You Need to Know Before and After Vehicle Inspection

What you need to know before and after vehicle inspection
What you need to know before and after vehicle inspection

📩 19/08/2021 15:46

Traffic inspection, or vehicle inspection as it is widely used, aims to prevent the accidents that may be caused by eliminating the defects of the vehicles in the traffic. For this critical reason, vehicle inspections are an important and important step for vehicle owners to pay attention to. Serving its customers with a deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared 5 details that will make the lives of vehicle owners easier before and after critical vehicle inspections.

Save time with online dating

Vehicle inspection places are engraved with their endless density of vehicles. It is possible to complete the vehicle inspection process quickly and without waiting in long lines by making an online appointment. At the same time, drivers can make an appointment at the call center numbered 6 08 00, which operates between 20:00 and 0850:222, 8888 days a week.

Prepare necessary documents in advance

It is important that the vehicle driver prepares the documents that he should have with him when going for the examination. These documents are the license of the vehicle and the identity of the driver of the vehicle. One of the most important issues to be considered for vehicle inspection is LPG vehicles. LPG vehicles are required to obtain an LPG tightness report before they go for inspection. Serial numbers should be visible on the way to the inspection. In addition, LPG must also be operated under license.

Equipment that should be in the vehicle

First aid kit, triangle reflector, fire extinguisher, spare wheel are the equipment that should be in the vehicle during the inspection. In addition, you must have a valid exhaust emission measurement in order for your vehicle to be inspected. When it is determined that the vehicle does not have an exhaust gas measurement certificate during the inspection, the vehicle is reported as severely defective.

Prepay existing debts

It is important that debts such as traffic fines, OGS illegal pass fines are paid before the vehicle inspection. Because the vehicles with debts are not inspected. It is possible to find out whether the vehicle is in traffic fine debt or not by using e-Government's “Traffic Fine Debt Inquiry and Payment” service. As with traffic fines, vehicles with motor vehicle tax-MTV debt cannot pass inspection. It can be easily learned whether there is a debt on the vehicle by performing the "MTV Debt Inquiry" process of the Revenue Administration.

Check the validity date of the Compulsory Traffic Insurance policy

It is not possible for vehicles without Compulsory Traffic Insurance to pass inspection. For this reason, the validity date of the policy must be checked before making an appointment for an examination. If the policy is not valid, the Compulsory Traffic Insurance must be renewed.

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