Traffic Measures to be Taken in the 2021-2022 Academic Year Announced

Traffic measures to be taken in the academic year have been announced
Traffic measures to be taken in the academic year have been announced

A circular on Traffic Measures to be Taken in the 81-2021 Academic Year has been sent to 2022 Provincial Governorships by the Ministry of Interior. In the circular sent under 5 headings, the measures to be taken in school buses and school environments in the new period, the inspections to be carried out and information/awareness studies were explained.

In the circular, the measures regarding the new academic year are listed as follows:

Measures to be Taken for Combating the Epidemic

The guides prepared by the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Health and the Coronavirus Science Board will be based on school busses.

In this context; Service drivers, guide staff, students and teachers/employees providing transportation with the bus will act in accordance with personal hygiene rules and medical masks will be used in the vehicle.

Hand antiseptic will be placed next to the entrance door of the vehicles and medical masks will be available for students in the vehicle.

A seating list will be created in the services

In the services, the seats will be numbered and a seating list will be created. This list will be hung in a visible place in the service, so that service users will be seated in the same place.

After each service round is completed, frequently touched surfaces (door handles, armrests/armrests, handles, window opener buttons, seat belt buckles) will be wiped first with water and detergent, then 1/100 diluted bleach or 70% alcohol will be disinfected. General interior cleaning of the service will be done at the end of the day with water and detergent. In addition, the measures to be taken regarding personnel shuttle vehicles within the scope of COVID-19 of the Ministry of Health will be meticulously followed in the services.

Educational Activities

Traffic safety awareness will be increased for all school service vehicles, drivers and guide personnel, including the vehicles used in transported training. Informative Trainings for School Bus Drivers and Guide Personnel will be held for one day for each group.

In cooperation with the National Education Directorates, the applications of volunteers determined from teachers, students and parents will be received by school administrations. These people will be provided with the "Red Whistle for the Wrongful Driver" campaign in line with the relevant articles of the Highway Traffic Law and the Highway Traffic Regulation of the School Gatekeeper Trainings. All school crossing officers will be given a red whistle.

Applied and theoretical courses on traffic safety will be given in schools.

Within the scope of the Traffic Education for Children (Traffic Detectives) Project, practical and theoretical lessons on traffic safety will be given to students by traffic organizations trainers during the 2021-2022 academic year academic year. Driver and pedestrian trainings for road users will be given throughout the year.

The trainings to be given in schools with the Mobile Traffic Training Truck will be planned in advance in coordination with the Provincial Directorates of National Education and the trainings will be organized according to the seasonal conditions. Existing children's traffic training parks will be modernized by the Ministry, and the practical training given in these parks will continue to be given in provinces and districts. Necessary support will be given to the works for the children's traffic education parks, which are planned to be established during the year.

Within the scope of Traffic Trainings Given in Public Places, the trainings for our citizens will continue uninterruptedly.

Audit Activities

Based on the opening dates of educational institutions, inspections of school busses will be carried out uninterrupted throughout the week. Planned inspections will continue throughout the academic year. By contacting school administrations, team/personnel will be assigned to take necessary traffic measures at school entrance and exit times, in front of the school, around and on its routes.

The Traffic Rule Violation Detection/Notification Reports, which are prepared for traffic rule violations detected by the Guide Personnel and School Crossing Officers, will be checked by the traffic units and converted into a traffic administrative fine decision report.

Necessary criminal action will be taken against drivers who do not give the first pass to students and other pedestrians who pass or are about to pass through pedestrian or school crossings.

In and around the school; horizontal and vertical traffic signs, speed control elements, drop-off and drop-off pockets, lighting, school barriers, buttoned signaling systems, etc. physical measures will be checked. In case of deficiencies, the institutions and organizations responsible for the construction and maintenance of the road will be contacted and the deficiencies will be eliminated.

In the control of school service vehicles; The provisions of the Highway Traffic Law and Regulation and the School Service Vehicles Regulation will be complied with. There will be a School Bus Vehicle Special Permit and a School Bus Maintenance and Repair Tracking Form issued by the municipalities.

As stated in the regulation, the SCHOOL VEHICLE lettering in accordance with the standards and the STOP red light will be on the vehicle and in working condition. The vision and audible warning system showing the areas at the front and rear of the vehicle, the reversing lights and the connected audible warning systems, the label equipment showing the number of seats will be used and will be in working condition. Vehicle doors will be automatic to be opened and closed by the driver, or they will be manually controlled by the driver (mechanical). Vehicles will have a vehicle tracking system capable of recording for at least thirty days. The windows of the school bus will be fixed and a colored film layer will not be adhered to the windows. There will be seat belts in every seat of the vehicle and these belts will be used. Vehicles will be clean, well-maintained and in safe condition. There will be guide personnel in the vehicles during the transportation of pre-school and primary school students. The driver and guide staff will meet the conditions specified in the School Bus Vehicles Regulation. The driver will not smoke or allow smoking in the vehicle. Image and music systems will not be used during the transportation service. Students will not be transported over the transport limit. Shuttle drivers will comply with all other traffic rules and obligations, especially the loading and unloading rules. The matters included in the School Bus Vehicles Inspection Form will be meticulously checked for each vehicle, and those whose deficiencies or violations of the rules are detected will be subject to penal actions stipulated by the legislation.

Service driver and guide staff; In case it is determined that the conditions, duties and responsibilities in the driver and guide personnel section specified in the School Service Vehicles Regulation are not fulfilled, the relevant municipality will be notified through the local authorities, the special permit will be canceled and necessary measures will be taken.

In the event that a deficiency is detected or penal sanction is applied in accordance with the provisions of the School Bus Vehicles Regulation, the completed forms will be sent to the relevant school directorate through the Provincial and District National Education Directorates, and a copy to the room where the shuttle bus is connected, within seven (7) working days at the latest.

Other Issues Regarding Traffic Safety

Additional measures will be planned in these regions by evaluating the risk analysis regarding the accidents in the school environment. In order to increase the attention of the drivers before the pedestrian and school crossings, to slow down and give the pedestrians the first right of way, the drawing of Pedestrian First images will be completed immediately in the direction of the vehicles' approach to all unlit school and pedestrian crossings.

It will be ensured that the maximum speed limit is reduced to 30 km/h in places such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers where pedestrians are dense or where the traffic flow poses a risk to pedestrians, and in the streets, streets and routes around these places.

In order to carry out school bus transportation activities regularly and safely; A meeting will be held with the participation of the relevant stakeholders under the chairmanship of the Governors and District Governors before the start of the education period for the working conditions of the school bus vehicles and the solution of the problems encountered.

Violation detection reports prepared by the guide staff and school gate officials will be received by the school administrations within three working days from the date of detection. These minutes will be delivered to the traffic control unit or teams within the following three working days.

Since the guide staff or school crossing officers can only give STOP or GO signals, a Traffic Administrative Fine Decision Report will be issued in accordance with Article 2918/47-a of Law No. 1, based on the violation detection reports prepared by the officials.

The information in the detection report will be compared with the vehicle information in the PolNet database.

General Safety and Security Measures

Maximizing security in schools, especially in priority schools, checking the operability of security cameras installed in schools and their integration into the City Security Management System (KGYS) will be completed. In other schools, school security camera systems will be completed, starting with the schools allocated to priority degrees without seeking the requirement to integrate into KGYS. Measures to be taken regarding the buildings found to be abandoned around the school will be reviewed. Open cigarette sales will be prevented, especially in the fight against drugs and stimulants, in places where schools are determined to be sensitive. Internet cafe/game halls etc. located around the school. locations will be checked.

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