Toyota Maintains Leadership in Low Emissions

Toyota maintains its lead in low emissions
Toyota maintains its lead in low emissions

Toyota continues to lead in its zero-emissions strategy with the lowest average emissions rate among major manufacturers. Compared to 10 years ago, the CO2 emission rates of newly sold cars in Europe decreased by 24 percent, while Toyota plays a leading role in reducing emissions with its electric motor solutions, especially its hybrid technology.

According to JATO data, Toyota ranks first with the lowest average emissions among mainstream manufacturers in Europe thanks to its hybrid vehicles, which are increasingly preferred day by day. According to the announced data, Toyota stands out with its 2020 g/km CO94 emission value in Europe according to its 2 sales.

Thanks to its hybrid engine experience of more than 20 years, Toyota continues to meet the strict regulations set by the EU and to offer CO2 emission averages below the targets.

Toyota's hybrid sales in Europe, which increased by 6 percent in the first 61 months compared to the previous year, ensure that the average emission rates decrease each year. However, Toyota's share of hybrids in all sales in Western Europe in the first six months of 2021 was 6 percent, with hybrid sales up 69 percent in this period compared to last year.

On the way to its zero emission target, Toyota continues to develop hybrid vehicles with electric motors, as well as hybrids with external cable charging, battery electric vehicles and fuel cell hydrogen vehicles that will be offered in accordance with the demands of the markets and infrastructure conditions.

In line with the brand's electrification goals, Toyota will offer more than 2025 electric vehicles in its product range globally by 70. At least 15 of these will be battery electric vehicles.

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