Reaction to the Irregular Recruitment of Workers to TÜRASAŞ Factory: 'Salt Smells in Sivas'

Irregular worker recruitment reaction to sivas turasas factory
Irregular worker recruitment reaction to sivas turasas factory

CHP Party Assembly Member and Sivas Deputy Ulaş Karasu, Turkey Rail System Vehicles Industry Joint Stock Company (TÜRASAŞ) for short, converted into Sivas General Directorate of Turkey Rail System Vehicles Industry A.Ş. (TÜDEMSAŞ) factory reacted to the irregularity experienced in the recruitment of workers through the subcontractor company.

Turkey Rail System Vehicles Industry Inc. in Sivas. (TÜDEMSAŞ) factory out of 91 workers who were previously stated to be recruited by lot, 13 people to be employed as cleaning workers were determined by the company "without a notary public" by lottery.

It was stated that, apart from the cleaning workers, for 78 workers to be recruited, purchases would be made on the documents submitted to the institution, and it was learned that no drawing of lots was carried out.

Making a statement on the subject, CHP Sivas Deputy Ulaş Karasu reacted harshly to the incident and commented, "Salt smelled in Sivas". Karasu said, “We have thousands of unemployed citizens in Sivas. But the representatives of the government continue to make a “you-me” distinction in Sivas. AKP Sivas Provincial Presidency replaced İŞKUR. Those who remain silent about this irregularity should not stand in front of the camera and say, 'We are defending the rights of Sivas'.

Reminding the previous statements of the People's Alliance deputies about the recruitment of workers, Karasu said, “The two deputies of the People's Alliance in Sivas said that the recruitment of workers will be made by lot. Within this, draws were made without a notary public for 13 cadres. For the remaining cadres, it was not even necessary. I wonder what they will say now," he said.

CHP Deputy Karasu “The point reached in Sivas is deplorable. Imagine that workers are being recruited. The deputies of power, the head of the province of the ruling party, the administrators of the institutions are falling against each other. This table is a summary of 19 years of AKP rule. Due to this logic that they are trying to rule Turkey and Sivas, 91 thousand of our fellow citizens are applying for a staff of 10 people. This means that 110 times the number of applications opened. I want to ask all Sivas people, does Sivas deserve this painting? He spoke as




    1. If there is any shai in tüdemsasa worker recruitment, it should be cancelled. Fair recruitment should be provided according to merit, skill, experience, dynamism, etc.