Person Who Sells Fraud in Woflteam Sentenced to Prison

No Cheating in Wolfteam
No Cheating in Wolfteam

The person who sold cheats in Woflteam, one of the most played FPS games in Turkey, was sentenced to prison.

Wolfteam, which is an action and war game and published by Joygame, actively struggles to give its players a fair gaming experience and to deal with cheats. Wolfteam, one of the most played FPS games in Turkey, won the long legal process against the person who sold Wolfteam cheats on its website, and the said person was sentenced to prison.

Netmarble Turkey Division Director Cem Köne said, “The issue of cheating is a really challenging issue. In this regard, we have a special team within the Wolfteam team, with this team, we constantly observe, test and report the cheating of the game. At this point, feedback from our players is very important for us to offer a pleasant gaming environment. As soon as we detect such cheats, we take every initiative to prevent them from happening again," he said.



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