The Industry Counts The Days To Meet The TV Audiences

The industry counts the days to meet the TV viewers
The industry counts the days to meet the TV viewers

The voice of the business world, ST Industry Radio starts broadcasting shortly after with its new investment, Industry TV. Industry TV, which will broadcast digitally first, plans to broadcast via satellite.

Breaking new ground in Turkey in the production, investment and export triangle, ST Industry Radio, which started broadcasting on terrestrial radio two years ago, now starts broadcasting on TV. The first launch of the TV channel will be held at Tuzla Viaport Marina Expo within the scope of Automation and Energy Solutions Week between 5-9 October 2021. Industry TV will first broadcast digitally and then start satellite broadcasting.


Automation and Energy Solutions Week will be organized within the scope of Robot Investments Summit, Industry 5 Applications Summit, Power Factories Summit and Process Summit between 9-2021 October 4.0. Industry TV, which will ensure that this entire organization is broadcast live, will also make its first launch here.


Industry TV, which will meet an important need for our country with its broadcasts that only concern companies, especially the problems experienced in the production, investment, maintenance and purchasing processes of the factories, and solution suggestions, will be able to monitor different processes of production from SMEs to mega factories, apart from studio programs. will move to the screen.


Providing information about Industry TV, ST Industry Media CEO Recep Akbayrak said the following about his new investments and targets: “Radio and TV channels broadcasting in Turkey and bearing the same name were primarily established as television channels. Then they preferred to broadcast in a structure that transmits the sound of TV broadcasts from the radio. We will do the opposite. In other words, we will bring our content, which consists mainly of our radio broadcasts, to the screen.”


Akbayrak said that today there is a false perception that the effect of radio broadcasts is decreasing, but the reality is the opposite. He said that TVs will be a very important marketing channel for brands.


Stating that we live in an age where information is easily accessible, but our consumption habits should not be overlooked, ST Industry Media CEO Recep Akbayrak continued as follows: “There is no doubt that we are becoming more and more digital every day, that's okay. However, it is obvious that it is not enough to present the produced content in only one format and one channel. Because although the content is the same, some may prefer to read, another person may prefer to listen or watch. He also prefers to be able to do this action whenever and wherever he wants.”


Explaining a topic that is frequently mentioned among ST Industry Radio listeners, Akbayrak said: “It is an indisputable fact that the radio is mostly listened to in the car right now. Especially in cities with heavy traffic, this listening rate can even go up to 4 hours a day. Among ST Industry Radio listeners, we have listeners who could not get out of their car even though they came to their home or workplace because they could not leave a program they were stuck on. Now, thanks to the TV broadcast, they will be able to complete their unfinished program on the radio.”


Stating that marketing communication is relatively easier for brands whose customer target audience is individuals, Akbayrak said, “If you have a good marketing budget and want to reach the end consumer, your job is easy, you can reach as many potential customers as you want by calculating the unit access cost. There are already a lot of channels for this. However, if your potential customers are companies, not individuals, the marketing communication channels you can use are quite limited. The use of a single channel is not enough to raise awareness and persuade. Here we, as ST Industry Media, established Industry TV to increase these channels.” said.

Akbayrak added that they will work in cooperation with many domestic and international agencies in the operation of both radio and TV channels.

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