Kadıköy The First Female Drivers of Moda Nostalgic Tram Started to Work

The first female drivers of the nostalgic tram in kadikoy started to work
The first female drivers of the nostalgic tram in kadikoy started to work

📩 24/08/2021 11:41

Kadıköy-The first female mechanics of the Moda Nostalgic tram line started to work after the completion of the training processes. The machinists using the nostalgic tram, which the residents of the neighborhood define as the 'neighborhood tram', attracted great attention.

The machinists, who started to work after four months of training, said that because the tram is mechanical, it is more difficult than the subway and other railway vehicles.

Engineer Damla Çaylak Kaya explained the interest they received: “They are surprised and happy because they have never seen a female driver before. We hear phrases such as 'good morning' in the morning and 'goodbye, we are here if you need anything' in the evening. There is great support, especially from the tradesmen.”

Stating that she learned how to drive buckets and mixers in a concrete company she worked for before, machinist Burcu Kasap stated that she saw a machinist posting while she was unemployed during the pandemic process.

At the beginning of the process, mechanic İlayda Çelikkol said, 'Are you going to be a train driver?' He said that his family, to whom he received a reaction, was not accustomed to the idea of ​​a female mechanic.

Ozgur Soy, General Manager of Metro Istanbul, stated that the number of female employees in Metro Istanbul is 10 percent and that they aim to reach world standards by increasing this rate to 20 percent.

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