Loads from Tekirdağ Train Station will be transported to Hungary by rail

Loads from Tekirdağ will be transported to Hungary by rail.
Loads from Tekirdağ will be transported to Hungary by rail.

After the first export cargo from Tekirdağ Train Station to Bulgaria in November last year, the cargoes from Anatolia will be combined in the city and transported to Szolnok, Hungary by rail, after the export procedures are completed.

A ceremony was held at Tekirdağ Station for the farewell of the first freight train to Hungary. At the ceremony attended by MEDLOG company officials, the first train started off with a siren. The company, which makes the most combined transportation in Turkey, the first domestic freight train passing from Marmaray, the first European export cargo and the first railroad transit cargo to Europe, investing in Tekirdağ Train Station and delivering the train loads to the interior of Europe. expanded right.

Cargoes leaving Tekirdag Train Station will arrive in Szolnok, Hungary, on 23 August, directly. In the shipments that will continue with the same transportation method, more than 20 containers will be shipped with 500 trains. It was stated that the share of railway freight transportation, which was preferred in 19 due to the Covid-2020 epidemic and enabled 'contactless trade' activities, increased significantly.

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