Zeytinburnu Locamahal Residences of KİPTAŞ Met with Their First Owners

Kiptasin Zeytinburnu locamahal project met with its first owners
Kiptasin Zeytinburnu locamahal project met with its first owners

The “Locamahal” project, initiated by İBB subsidiary KİPTAŞ in cooperation with Zeytinburnu Municipality in 2017, met with its first owners. A "turnkey ceremony" was held for the 20 residences and 262 shops of the project, which consists of 77 blocks, 690 residences and 64 commercial units. Speaking at the ceremony held on the 17nd anniversary of the 1999 August 22 Marmara Earthquake, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluHe pointed out that Istanbul, which had a population of 10 million at that time, is now home to nearly 20 million people, including refugees. Emphasizing that Istanbul should feel the earthquake problem much more deeply, İmamoğlu said, "We have to take a picture of the process and plan accordingly." Referring to the recent fire and flood disasters, İmamoğlu warned, "Decisions taken by some populist or self-serving administrators, unfortunately, bring us face-to-face at great cost."

KİPTAŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), laid the foundation of the “Locamahal” project, consisting of 36 blocks, 20 residences and 262 commercial units, on an area of ​​77 thousand square meters, in Zeytinburnu Veliefendi, within the scope of urban transformation, in 2017. The project, which was planned to be turnkey in December 2020 and started in cooperation with Zeytinburnu Municipality, could not progress at the planned pace. Ekrem İmamoğlu When the new IMM administration, headed by the President, came to power, it took over the project with 66 percent physical progress, when it should have been at the level of 44 percent. The new IMM management not only accelerated the physical progress of the constructions, but also solved many legal, financial and technical problems that they encountered. Today, the ceremony held for the turnkey delivery of the 690 residences and 64 shops completed within the scope of the project to the beneficiaries, was held by the IMM President. Ekrem İmamoğluIt was held with the participation of To İmamoğlu at the ceremony; CHP Istanbul deputy Yüksel Mansur Kılınç, Zeytinburnu Mayor Ömer Arısoy, IYI Party IMM Assembly Group Deputy Chairman İbrahim Özkan, KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt and IMM senior management accompanied him. A group of beneficiaries and the village headmen of Zeytinburnu took their places in the ceremony.


Kurt, who made the first speech at the ceremony, shared detailed information about the past of the project and the point it has reached. Emphasizing that the urban transformation is intended to be used as a political tool at some points, Kurt pointed out that this way the citizens are confused. Underlining that urban transformation cannot be completed only by local governments and institutions, Kurt stated that the cost increases in the process are one of the biggest problems in front of them. Giving examples of KİPTAŞ's new transformation projects, Kurt said, “We have implemented projects that are human-centered, sensitive to the environment, adding value to the region. On the anniversary of August 17, we know that there is still much to be done. Unfortunately, Istanbul is still not a city ready for a possible earthquake. We must face this reality and we must definitely involve our citizens in the process in order to overcome this process. In this context, as the companies of the IMM urban planning group, we launched the 'Istanbul Renewal Platform' approximately 1,5 months ago. We received over 1.500 applications. 37.500 independent units affect 419 people in 140 different regions. We have completed our first phase of work. If we agree on the criteria we will determine together with our citizens, we aspire to the transformation of all these structures and as KİPTAŞ, we will carry out this whole process as a guarantor.”


The second speaker of the ceremony was Zeytinburnu Mayor Arısoy. “Today is a happy day for our Zeytinburnu. Arısoy said that the efforts made since 2013 will be rewarded” and emphasized that it is possible to solve the earthquake problem in a sincere dialogue and with a common mind. Arisoy said:

“Why 2013? Because the protocol envisaging the authority between Zeytinburnu Municipality and KİPTAŞ General Directorate was signed on 15 March 2013. Today, I commemorate our former İBB President Kadir Topbaş, who was instrumental in this beautiful, happy moment. Again, I would like to thank our past mayor, Mr. Murat Aydın, and the previous term, Mr. İsmet Yıldırım, General Manager of KİPTAŞ. I witness the effort of our General Manager to complete this project. With the support of our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and together with KİPTAŞ, we made great efforts to complete this project. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and KİPTAŞ General Manager for his efforts and efforts in the completion of this project. Good luck to the owners. Each renovated residence is a great gain for Zeytinburnu.”


Speaking before handing over the keys, İmamoğlu said that as someone who witnessed the 17nd anniversary of the 22 August Marmara Earthquake, the loss of life and property deeply shook the whole country. Emphasizing that the chaos and despair of the period was on his mind like yesterday, İmamoğlu underlined that the earthquake is the most important reality of Turkey and Istanbul. Pointing out that Istanbul had a population of around 1999 million during the 10 earthquake, İmamoğlu said, “Istanbul includes almost 20 million people with its population, which unfortunately received a great deal of immigration and concentrated with refugees today. Therefore, today, Istanbul should feel the problem much more deeply and worry at a much higher level, 'Where are we?' We have to take a picture of the process and plan accordingly.” Referring to the absence of an earthquake for 22 years as "luck", İmamoğlu warned that this situation should be evaluated positively in the period we live in and in the future.


Pointing out that Istanbul's earthquake inventory is not pleasing, but alarming, İmamoğlu shared the information, "With the building detection studies we have been carrying out for 1,5 years and the works we have renewed, we see that 3 out of every 1 buildings in Istanbul is unfortunately not earthquake resistant". Emphasizing that they want the earthquake issue to become the first problem of Istanbul and Turkey, İmamoğlu emphasized that in this context, it is essential that all state institutions take action in coordination with the relevant private sector stakeholders and in a spirit of mobilization. Expressing that they are working in harmony with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization regarding the earthquake, İmamoğlu said, "We must raise this issue together." Emphasizing the importance of citizens and stakeholder institutions to act by confronting the problem, İmamoğlu said, "If our citizens prioritize the material side of the issue rather than sitting in a rotten building or not, if we have not been able to deal with this process with the citizen and solve it in a transparent manner, then we still have a problem." found.


Reminding the fire in the Mediterranean and the flood disasters in the Black Sea, İmamoğlu said, “What a pity we saw and experienced during our 2-day visit. What a pity; In fact, it is the people who increase the bill of the disaster. The mistakes he made, the mistakes he made, the wrong decisions he made. Here, too, the only point is this: If you move away from reason and science, the decisions taken by some administrators towards a populist world or to help someone, unfortunately, confront and confront us at great cost.” Stating that a similar flood occurred in 1989 in Trabzon Akçaabat, the land where he was born, and that over 100 people lost their lives, İmamoğlu said, “He took what was in the creek bed and what was missing, and took it to the sea. It's been 30 years since then. At least 4-5 floors of the structures that the flood took to the sea now exist along that stream. It's that clear. That is, we do not learn, we do not learn. We forget easily. We must not forget these. We have an obligation to be the people who take their precautions, the managers. It has no party. When we see the suffering of those people, does anyone think from which party died, from which party the person went to the sea, for God's sake? No. That's why we need unity of mind here."


Emphasizing that very good works have been done in 22 years, İmamoğlu said, “But if we go at that speed, we need eighty years. I wish that a process in which we manage the processes, in which we feel the problems and find solutions together, hand in hand, arm in arm, with a common mind, where we do not stray away from the mind and science, where we manage processes with a common mind, not by individuals alone, will prevail in every environment of our Turkey and Istanbul. I think it would be more correct to follow the path of common sense and science, not politics. At this point, I wish all stakeholders to share the same feelings and to be successful for the peace and survival of our Istanbul, our country and our nation.” After the speeches, İmamoğlu, CHP Istanbul deputy Kılınç and Arısoy presented their keys to the three couples who had the right. İmamoğlu and the accompanying delegation toured an exemplary apartment after the ceremony.

In the project; There are 20 residences and 1.262 shops in 71 blocks, and a total of 6 commercial units, including 77 shops in the commercial block. There is a covered parking lot for 3 vehicles with 1.581 basement floors, a 650-meter-long track and a social facility with an indoor pool, fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath and steam room on the entire land.

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