İmamoğlu Welcomed the Hero Firefighters Who Responded to the Fires in Yenikapı

Imamoglu welcomed the heroic firefighters who intervened in the fires at Yenikapı.
Imamoglu welcomed the heroic firefighters who intervened in the fires at Yenikapı.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlutheir hearts with the struggle he gave in the fires in Muğla and Antalya. kazanHe met with the Istanbul Fire Brigade personnel. Welcoming all the staff one by one, İmamoğlu said, “Our staff of more than 300, nearly 50 vehicles, and their equipments that support different issues, have existed in the region. They served diligently. They were very brave. We found indescribable sentences and stories full of praise from the people of the region. They thanked the people of Istanbul.” Stating that he is aware of the slogans of the fire department such as "Support, let's be a profession", İmamoğlu underlined that they will do their best to recognize firefighting as a profession.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, the appreciation of the whole country with the fight it gave in the fires in Muğla and Antalya kazanwelcomed the Istanbul Fire Department personnel. Imamoglu was accompanied by Head of Fire Brigade Remzi Albayrak at the welcoming event where the full staff of the IMM senior management was present. Greeting the 29 firefighters and the accompanying medical personnel, who returned from the fire area with 211 vehicles, one by one, İmamoğlu conveyed his gratitude on behalf of the people of Istanbul. Making his speech in front of the firefighters, İmamoğlu said, “I turn my back on you, but I feel my strength when I say 'Sorry'. We have a solid back, that is, on behalf of all the people of Istanbul”.


Expressing his pleasure to be together with the heroic firefighters, İmamoğlu said, “First of all, this fire that our country has really experienced has deeply saddened us all. Unfortunately, we have lost a very large piece of forest land. Our citizens who lost their lives became our servants. I wish them all mercy, may their place be heaven. Unfortunately, we had compatriots who lost their homes and some of their assets in the fire. I say 'goodbye' to them. On the one hand, it made us feel like losing a green area, losing a forest, and destroying one's lungs. On the other hand, we may have lost countless living things there, too. An ecosystem has disappeared. Of course, it is an important topic, an important issue to take precautions, increase the precautions, and maximize what needs to be done in this regard," he said.


Stating that they were quickly transferred to the scene from the moment the fires started, İmamoğlu said, “We have the highest number of firefighters and other teams, including our health workers, veterinarians, without weakening the possible - God forbid - some fire measures in Istanbul, too. We existed in the fire zone with a large team. Our staff of more than 300, nearly 50 vehicles, together with their equipment supporting different issues, have existed in the region. They served diligently. They were very brave. In an indescribable way, praise-filled sentences and praise-filled stories from the people of the region found us. They called us. Managers, citizens, children, youth, women, mothers thanked us with sentences full of praise. They thanked the people of Istanbul. Of course, they thanked our fire department.”


Emphasizing that the Istanbul Fire Brigade has a history of more than 300 years, İmamoğlu expressed his feelings, “It is an organization that carries the feelings of this nation on their chest and in their minds, and has always developed its ability to apply the most rational and correct techniques, on top of the traditions that have existed for these centuries. He has been on the field with his skill, that ability, that experience. In this sense, I congratulate our fire department on behalf of all the people of Istanbul. I thank them and wish them to continue their services at the highest level without bleeding from their noses and without a stone touching their feet. I sincerely thank all of them. I want you to applaud them.”


Emphasizing that they continue to develop the fire department in terms of numbers and equipment, İmamoğlu said, “This experienced organization has stated and demonstrated that; Our fire department has a structure that stands out with its ingenuity in many areas in case of earthquakes, disasters and fires, which run when needed not only by the residents of Istanbul, but also by the nearby region, our entire Turkey, and our entire geography. In that sense, when we think that Istanbul is a structure of 20 million people, we continue our purchases so that such a city can continue its existence in the strongest way in its struggle against current disasters, especially earthquakes, so that it reaches a sufficient level in numerical terms. We continue our purchases on merit. And when we achieve this qualification in numerical terms, we will have a more secure structure. Not only this; We are determined to make world-class investments in terms of obtaining all technical services and renewing vehicles at the point of developing and presenting its services in the most efficient way from many points, from land, sea and air, without interruption.”


Stating that he was aware of the slogans of the fire brigade, "Be supportive, let's be a profession", İmamoğlu said, "In other words, this organization should not come to our minds only in times of fire, earthquakes, floods or some disasters. Our fire department really deserves it. It's not just a sentence or an emotional sentence that came out in a flash. Their profession commands the following: Get ready for all your technical services, get all your training and be equipped in every subject, but dive into the most dangerous point without hesitation and fulfill your duty. Now this is not in every profession. Therefore, I attach great importance to their demands as a profession.” Emphasizing that they will do their best to recognize firefighting as a profession, İmamoğlu pointed out that this issue is at the disposal of the central administration and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Imamoglu instructed his staff to prepare an event on behalf of the people of Istanbul where they will come together with the heroic firefighters and their families. After İmamoğlu, Istanbul Fire Brigade 4th Region Europe Deputy Manager Abidin Vişne and Fire Brigade Training Center Deputy Manager Hakan Karabulut shared their experiences in the fire area with the participants.

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