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I am answering, it is a platform established by two young entrepreneurs, it is a platform that receives hundreds of visitors with no advertisements and accurate information from all directions.

You remember the huge encyclopedias that used to fill the humble libraries of our homes. Those hardcover books that we apply to get answers to many questions… What about the newspapers that are about to become a part of the past? Surely you had relatives who had an answer to every question you asked. Well, the site that combines all these in a fun way I answer let's say it's established! Questions do not go unanswered with answer, which produces content on almost every topic you can think of.

Almost all of us now benefit from the benefits of the Internet. The reason why our age is called the "information age" is the internet itself. Unfortunately, this age, where information is produced and spread rapidly, has its negative sides! The most important of these is to identify the right information. We need filters in the internet environment where there is a lot of information on even a single subject. Sometimes, it is possible to reach the right information as a result of long researches. Another option is to seek help from a site you trust.

I answeraims to provide internet users with accurate and reliable information. It is possible to get the right answer to your questions through I Answer, which you can think of as a kind of internet encyclopedia.

Our site, which serves with various content in different categories, will be your favorite site. You are meeting your new virtual friend that you will add to your favorites. It is impossible not to find content suitable for your area of ​​interest on this site, which is developing in terms of content. The content titles you can choose according to your own interest are as follows:


The limits of this category are the limits of the world! Whether you are looking for an answer to the question you are curious about, or do readings for your general culture. Whatever your reason for reviewing, the “World” title can take you beyond the limits you are used to.


Do you know someone who has used a smartphone or computer but has not experienced a virtual game? We all have a relationship with virtual games to a greater or lesser extent now. Answering.net's “Oyunlar” category aims to make virtual games more enjoyable. It is possible to reach the details about the game you are following in this category.


You are reading this article on your computer, tablet or smartphone. So you are also a technology user. If you don't just use technology but follow technical details, this category is for you! You don't have to be just a tech reader, either. In the technology category, you can also find tricks that will facilitate your daily work in the virtual world.


You may have heard the famous saying: “Be your own doctor.” Maybe it's not that easy to fully master the human anatomy. But at least it is possible to find answers to some health-related questions that come to our minds. The aim of the content in the "Health" category is to give the correct answer to these questions.

Life style

Philosophical, sociological, historical or political… What could be better than collecting ideas and information about your lifestyle under one category! The “Lifestyle” category of I Answer offers the most efficient and enjoyable way to spend time on the Internet.


All kinds of art become a passion over time for those who are interested. Music lovers feel incomplete the day they don't listen to music. Painting lovers also seek the truth in paintings. Real cinephiles, on the other hand, cannot get enough of reading about cinema. If you are one of those who like to follow the content of the movies you like, the "Cinema" category is just for you! In addition, it is possible to get a suitable movie recommendation from this category.


This is how you discovered the most enjoyable way to spend time on the Internet. You may not understand how the time passes in the "random" category of answering.net. You will learn while having fun with these contents under different titles.

I Answer For You

Aiming for users to have a pleasant and productive time I answercontinues to grow for you and with you. I Answer on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTubeYou can also follow. Don't forget to ask what you want answered, and give your opinions and suggestions. Questions from you, answers from us!

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