Do not delay in the treatment of adenoid growth!

Do not delay in the treatment of adenoid enlargement
Do not delay in the treatment of adenoid enlargement

Some conditions that can be considered normal in childhood can actually point to an important health problem. Complaints that seem quite different from each other such as getting sick frequently, sleeping with mouth open, snoring during sleep, sweating, waking up frequently, growth and development retardation can sometimes be caused by a single reason. For example, the growth of the adenoid, which is a special tissue containing lymphocytes, which ensures that bacteria and viruses that enter the body are caught and destroyed!

Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Prof. Dr. Elif Aksoy emphasized that the treatment of this condition, which is especially common in the 3-6 age group, should not be delayed and said, “Frequent infections due to enlarged adenoids can cause problems in the growth and development of children and their school success. Adenoid surgeries are surgical procedures that can be performed at any age, and after the surgery, growth and development return to normal.

Important for fighting viral infections

Adenoid tissue, which is an important part of our immune system and located in the cavity behind our nose, captures and destroys harmful substances, bacteria and virus-type microorganisms that can enter the body through respiration. Stating that the adenoid is a special lymphoid tissue containing lymphocytes, which are especially involved in the fight against viral infections, Prof. Dr. Elif Aksoy explains the process that is defined as adenoid enlargement among the people as follows: “The immune response of nasal meat against foreign substances and microorganisms can result in an enlargement in size. Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections are also an important cause of adenoid enlargement. This problem, which is very common in childhood, is also one of the most common causes of nasal congestion in children.

If he sleeps with his mouth open, watch out!

The growth of the adenoid, which is extremely important for our immunity, usually continues until 5-6 years of age. The adenoid, which starts to shrink from the age of 7-8 in childhood, disappears in adulthood. Pointing out that this tissue growth is common in children starting nursery and kindergarten due to recurrent infections, and it causes complaints especially in the 3-6 age group. Dr. About the symptoms, Elif Aksoy said, “If the adenoids are large, children can sleep with their mouths open, snoring, nasal congestion, and open mouth breathing. In addition to snoring at night, complaints such as sweating, restless sleep, frequent waking, drooling, waking up out of breath, that is, sleep apnea, also occur frequently. Explaining that children who cannot sleep comfortably at night, they are sleepy, tired and restless during the day, Prof. Dr. Elif Aksoy states that this is one of the underlying causes of academic success problems in school-age children. Loss of appetite and growth-development retardation are among the symptoms that can be seen. Drawing attention to the fact that the jawbones and teeth of children who have continuous mouth breathing due to adenoids and orthodontic problems may occur, Prof. Dr. Elif Aksoy notes that "nasal face", which is manifested by a domed palate, narrowing of the upper jaw, and flattening in the middle face, can develop.

Causes frequent use of antibiotics

These symptoms, which develop due to enlarged adenoids in children, are accompanied by a dark yellow-green nasal discharge. Adenoid inflammation also causes frequent use of antibiotics. The growth of this tissue, which has an active place in our immune system, can cause infection by passing through the eustachian tube (the tube connecting the nose, throat and middle ear) to the middle ear. Pointing out that if the Eustachian tube does not work well, fluid accumulation in the middle ear and related conductive hearing loss may develop. Dr. Elif Aksoy says, “Due to the accumulation of fluid in the middle ear that is not treated, the child's speech and language development and school success are adversely affected.”

Do not delay the operation!

The problems experienced reveal that adenoid enlargement is a health problem that needs to be treated. Listing the conditions that require the operation, which is performed under general anesthesia and called adenoidectomy, "Very frequent upper respiratory tract infection, symptoms of severe congestion in the nose, especially cessation of breathing during sleep, hearing loss due to fluid accumulation in the middle ear", Prof. Dr. Elif Aksoy continues:

“Adenoid surgeries should not be delayed. Because of the delay; It can lead to problems such as permanent jaw and facial changes, hearing loss and language-speech development disorder. If the child has complaints related to adenoid enlargement, surgery can be performed at any age. Although the need for surgery generally decreases in the summer season, it is an operation that can be performed in all seasons if necessary. After the surgery, the growth and development of children mostly returns to normal. After the operation, which takes about an hour, including the anesthesia process, children can return to their daily lives in a very short time. It is sufficient to stay away from very hot, hard, acidic foods for the first one or two days.

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