Chinese Researchers Produced 10 Times Harder Material than Steel

Chinese researchers produced solid material from steel
Chinese researchers produced solid material from steel

Yanshan University in Hebei province in the north of China has made an important breakthrough for the world industry. According to a statement from the Yanshan University laboratory, researchers have synthesized a new material in a glassy state that is hard enough to scratch the diamond.

The newly developed hard material named AM-III was obtained under high temperature and pressure by using C113 fullerene, which is as hard as diamond with a hardness of 60 GPa in the Vickers hardness test. In their article published in the National Science Review, the researchers stated that this material is the strongest and hardest amorphous solid ever recorded on Earth.

According to the article, the material, which is about 10 times harder than steel, is considered to be better at bulletproofing than most vest technologies. The material, which is also an optically transparent semiconductor, is expected to be applied in photovoltaic technologies and innovations.

Source: China International Radio

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