4th Unit Works Started at Akkuyu NPP

Akkuyu ngs unit studies started
Akkuyu ngs unit studies started

Preparations have begun for the construction of Unit 4 at the Akkuyu NPP site, Turkey's first nuclear power plant (NGS). The works are carried out in accordance with the Limited Work Permit given by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Turkey on 30 June 2021.

The pit excavation works for the construction of the reactor building, turbine building, auxiliary reactor building and other main facilities of Unit 4 are being carried out on an area of ​​655 m2. The pit depth at the lowest point will be approximately 12,5 meters. Workers are expected to move around 600 cubic meters of soil in total. Pit digging work includes clearing and excavating rocky ground, as well as installing drainage. There are currently more than 4 construction equipment such as excavators, dump trucks, drilling machines in the construction area of ​​Unit 20.

Sergei Butckikh, First Deputy General Manager of AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş and Director of NGS Construction, said, “This year, we hope to obtain a construction license for Unit 4 and start full-scale construction work on the unit early next year. By the end of the year, concrete pouring will begin for the foundation plates of the reactor and turbine buildings, after which the plates will be strengthened. Thus, Akkuyu NPP will be the world's largest nuclear construction center where four power units will be built simultaneously. This is unprecedented in the history of the world nuclear industry. The simultaneous construction of the four power units of the NPP will require high resource concentration, but we are fully prepared for it.”

As part of the pit digging process, soil improvement works are also carried out. In this context, a massive water-cement mixture is pumped and jet grouting is used in some areas. Cement mortar is pumped into the soil under high pressure, resulting in the soil reaching the desired bearing capacity. Thus, a massive pile is formed, which ensures that the buildings and structures built are safe and sound at international standards.

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