277 Contracts Signed at the China-Arab Countries Fair

The contract was signed at the jinn arab countries fair
The contract was signed at the jinn arab countries fair

In the statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, it was reported that 5 contracts were signed at the 277th China-Arab Countries Fair. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement about the 19th China-Arab Countries Fair held in Yinchuan, the center of China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region on August 22-5. Sözcüü Wang Wenbin gave information about the results recorded at the 5th China-Arab Countries Fair, which ended yesterday.

SözcüHe said that 156 contracts worth 600 billion 277 million yuan were signed in many fields such as electronic information, clean energy, new types of materials, organic food, capacity cooperation and internet-health and tourism cooperation.

Pointing out that the China-Arab Countries Fair is an important platform for China and Arab countries to build the Belt and Road together, Wang continued his speech as follows:

“During the three years since the establishment of comprehensive cooperation, joint development and future-based strategic partnership between China and Arab countries, the areas of cooperation between the two sides have been expanding and the results of cooperation are getting richer day by day. Last year, the trade volume between China and Arab countries approached 240 billion dollars. China has become the largest trading partner of Arab countries. In the current situation, cooperation documents were signed between China, 19 Arab countries and the Arab League within the scope of Belt and Road construction. In July last year, an agreement was reached on the organization of the first China-Arab Countries Summit. By organizing the summit together with the Arab countries in the best way, China is ready to contribute to the formation of the destiny partnership of humanity, as well as speeding up the formation of the shared destiny of the Sino-Arab countries."

Source: China International Radio

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