23 Parks Damaged in Izmir Earthquake Renovated

The park, which was damaged in the Izmir earthquake, is being renovated
The park, which was damaged in the Izmir earthquake, is being renovated

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, President Tunç SoyerWithin the framework of 's vision of creating resilient cities, the 30 October earthquake Bayraklı23 parks damaged in , are being renovated. Emergency areas and equipment will also be created in the parks against earthquakes. Urban furniture will meet the housing and energy needs of the people in case of disaster.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 30 October Izmir earthquake Bayraklımaintenance, repair and refurbishment of parks damaged in Bayraklı It started from Teacher's House Park. Within the scope of the project, arrangements will be made with new materials in an area of ​​23 square meters in 200 parks. All children's playgrounds will be renewed with rubber material, while the seating units will be made aesthetic. Walking paths, grass areas, key cobblestones and the floors of 15 basketball courts will be renewed. Damaged iron, metal, mechanical and electrical components will also be completely replaced. In addition, emergency areas and equipment against earthquakes will be created in the parks. Urban furniture, which is used for recreational purposes, will be planned as a unit that receives its energy from the sun, where needs such as shelter, energy and communication are met in the assembly areas in times of disaster.

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