Who is Belma Belen? How Old Is Belma Belen? Where is Belma Belen from?

who is belma belen how old is belma belen from where is belma belen
who is belma belen how old is belma belen from where is belma belen

How old is Belma Belen, the presenter of the program We Travel with Belma Belen, which is broadcast every Sunday at 15:30 on Beyaz TV? Whence? How tall? Who is his wife?

He was born on April 17, 1984 in Ankara. He is originally from Izmir. He completed his high school education, including university education, in Ankara. He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Economics. He received his presenter training at the Baskent Communication Sciences Academy.

Belma Belen works as a producer and speaker at Beyaz TV channel. He worked at TGRT Haber. During the years he worked at TGRT Haber, he took part as an announcer and presenter. My first screen test was on Flash Tv screens.

Belma Belen, who moved to Beyaz TV after TGRT programs, first presented the program "Presidents Tell" here. Later she switched to the travel program, and now she is the presenter of the program "We are Traveling" on Beyaz TV. “Traveling with Belma Belen” is broadcast on Beyaz TV screens every weekday at 15:30. Belma Belen, who also actively uses her social media account, has 32 thousand followers on Instagram. You can reach her Instagram account at @belma_belen.

  • Belma Belen date of birth : 17 April 1984
  • How old is Belma Belen : 37 years old
  • What is Belma Belen's profession: Presenter, announcer
  • Where is Belma Belen from : Born in Ankara (originally from Izmir)

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