Giant Tender for Uzundere on 29 July

giant tender for Uzundere in July
giant tender for Uzundere in July

Urban transformation works continue uninterruptedly, under the assurance and guarantee of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the principles of 100 percent consensus and on-site transformation. The Metropolitan Municipality is going out to the turnkey tender for the third stage, which includes the construction of 32 independent units in the 422-hectare Uzundere Urban Transformation Area, on 29 July.

When the project is completed, there will be a total of 3 residential, commercial, office and hotel complexes. There will be a youth center, ice rink, semi-Olympic swimming pool, basketball-football courts, tennis court, social-cultural centers, market area, parking lot and more green areas in the region.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has completed the first and second phases of Uzundere Urban Transformation Area and exhibited an example of 100% consensus and on-site transformation, is going out for another giant tender. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its urban transformation works uninterruptedly in every part of the city, will go to a turnkey construction tender on 32 July for the third phase of the 29-hectare Uzundere Urban Transformation Area. Having completed the construction works in the first and second stages and handed over 817 independent units to the beneficiaries, the Metropolitan will build 422 independent units in the third stage. With the completion of the first two stages, the Metropolitan, which started to renew the infrastructure of the region, completed the necessary productions for natural gas. The Metropolitan, which expanded the roads and renewed the electricity and drinking water lines, made the people of Uzundere smile by renewing the urban texture at the neighborhood scale, ensuring that natural gas came to the region. The housing draw of the beneficiaries in the third stage was made on April 8, 2021.

“We will not put an iota of dust on the rights of our citizens”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer Stating that they will provide a healthy construction and transformation all over the city, he said, “The municipality, the contractor and the citizen are together in Uzundere. The municipality will protect the rights of the citizens, and we will not put an iota of dust on the rights of any of our citizens. We will create resilient living spaces that are ready for earthquakes and other disasters.”

Precedent preserved

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe plan revision was made without increasing the construction area in order to provide more roads, green and landscape areas by re-studying the site plan and mass settlement in the zoning islands in Uzundere Urban Transformation Area. With this plan revision, the existing “2,5 Precedents” was preserved, and the construction requirement varying between 8 and 15 floors was introduced, thus creating more spacious living spaces for citizens.

A total of 7 independent units on 422 islands

In the third stage construction tender, the contractor company will build a total of 7 independent units on 422 islands. Within the scope of the tender, two zoning islands are entirely owned by the contractor, and independent units belonging to the contractor and beneficiaries in the other five zoning islands will be built with common shares. No independent unit will be purchased as a municipality share in the whole stage. Within the scope of the tender, the share was determined as 57% of the contractor and 43% of the right holders. Thanks to these conditions created by the Metropolitan Municipality, it is aimed to increase the participation in the tender.

In the Uzundere transformation area, a Fairy Tale House, library and study center will also be built for the children and women of the region. Functions that will support education and training services for young people will be offered together. Regional women will be able to leave their children at the Fairy Tale House while attending vocational courses.

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