Unye Bicycle and Walking Road Project Neared to End

Unye Bicycle and Yuruyus Road Project Neared to End
Unye Bicycle and Yuruyus Road Project Neared to End

The Bicycle and Walking Road Project of Ünye, which will serve the purposes of touristic activities, sports and transportation, has come to an end.

Citizens are eagerly waiting for the bicycle and walking path, which is being built by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in Ünye district. The project implemented in a total area of ​​5 kilometers; While contributing to Ünye's urban aesthetics, it also gains the appreciation of the citizens by increasing the areas of sports activities.

3 thousand 4 meters of asphalt in 500 days

Aiming to bring the project to the citizens as soon as possible, the Metropolitan Municipality started hot asphalt work on the bicycle and walking path. The Metropolitan Municipality, which paved an area of ​​3 meters in a short time like 4 days, won the appreciation of the tradesmen in the region.


The teams, which will finish the asphalt work in a short time, will then start visual and strip applications in accordance with the standards. The Metropolitan Municipality, which wants the visual and strip applications to be healthier and longer-lasting, will apply this process on the entire coastline after waiting for the asphalt gas to come out in a period of 20 days.

With the completion of the works, the Metropolitan Municipality will bring the project to the service of the citizens, giving Ünye a new living space.



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