Untreated Acne Can Cause Scars and Blemishes

untreated acne can cause scars and blemishes
untreated acne can cause scars and blemishes

Medical Park Çanakkale Hospital Dermatology Specialist, who gives important information about acne or puberty acne as it is commonly known. Ahmet Öztürk, “Acne is a long-term and recurrent inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands. It can cause scars and stains when left untreated or squeezed and tampered with.

Informing that there are thousands of tiny sebaceous glands in the skin, especially in the face and neck region, but also on the scalp, shoulders, back, chest and hips, and that the overactive sebaceous glands lubricate the skin unnecessarily, Medical Park Çanakkale Hospital Dermatology Department Specialist. Dr. Ahmet Öztürk, “The oils made solidify inside the sebaceous gland duct and form a plug. Cell debris and oils accumulating behind the plug turn into red, tender, hard and inflamed bumps with the addition of bacteria (usually propionibacterium acnes). These changes are in the skin; blackheads, red pimples sometimes appear as deep cysts and nodules.

Underlining that acne is usually seen with the onset of adolescence, Uzm. Dr. Ahmet Öztürk “Sometimes acne can start in the 20s or 30s. The incidence is equal in men and women. Sometimes it can continue for many years from adolescence to adulthood.

Providing information about the factors that are effective in the emergence and continuation of acne, Dr. Dr. Ahmet Öztürk listed them as follows;

Hormonal irregularity, disorder or hypersensitivity of the sebaceous glands despite normal hormonal changes. This sometimes causes hair loss and hair growth.

Hereditary predisposition.

Nervous tension and stress.

Consumption of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.

Expressing that the drug treatment in acne problem will vary according to the person, Uzm. Dr. Ahmet Öztürk shared the following information: “There are a wide variety of drugs used in treatment. The choice of drug is made according to the age and gender of the patient, the type, severity and intensity of acne. Not every drug is suitable for every patient. It is necessary to use the drugs by changing them at certain intervals and to check them at certain intervals.

Stating that acne treatments have developed in recent years, Uzm. Dr. Ahmet Öztürk said, “Under the control of a dermatologist, sometimes with the use of combined drugs, effective and largely permanent treatment for severe and widespread acne that has the risk of leaving scars or that persists and does not go away is possible.”

In the continuation of his words, Uzm. Dr. Ahmet Öztürk ended his speech by making the following warnings;

If acne is not treated, the risk of scarring increases.

Squeezing, scratching, plucking acne causes inflammation and tissue damage. This can lead to scars and stains.

Acne is a skin disease and it is best treated by a dermatologist.

Since the treatment varies according to the person, it is wrong to use drugs with the advice of friends and neighbors.

Although this discomfort may seem simple for those who do not have acne, it is extremely important for young people to have acne, especially in their visible areas. The treatment of acne creates extremely positive effects in terms of daily efficiency, social life and self-confidence.

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