Unkapanı Junction 65 Percent Complete

percent of unkapani junction ok
percent of unkapani junction ok

📩 07/07/2021 16:46

İBB continues its works at Unkapanı Junction, one of the critical points of Istanbul, in full compliance with the program. In the project, which has been waiting for years, 65 percent of the works have been completed so far. Within the scope of the project, a new bridge with 2 spans and a 350-meter underpass that will connect the Alibeyköy Tram Line with Eminönü are being worked on. The junction will be at the service of Istanbulites on 31 July.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues to rapidly renovate Unkapanı Junction, which it started to demolish on May 13. In less than 2 months since the first pick was struck, most of the work was finished. The teams work day and night to complete the remaining 35 percent quickly. The solution to the problem that citizens have been complaining about for years is coming to an end.


The intersection, which has been the subject of serious complaints from the tradesmen in the region for years, was frequently on the public agenda with vehicle jams. Due to the lowness of the bridge, especially truck and bus jams were experienced intensely. In a sense, the intersection was like a trap for vehicles.

Again, due to structural problems, the region was also known for floods. Submerged vehicles and survivors rescued from cars by firefighters were among the images encountered after almost every heavy rain. At the same time, the intersection also intensified the traffic on the route due to its faulty structure.


IMM made a very meticulous planning in its work in this critical region. It mobilized all available means to speed up the work on the route, including full closure. Using all the alternative roads in the region, it did not cut the traffic even for a day.

For the demolition of Unkapanı Bridge, which has completed its economic life and is at risk of collapse in a possible earthquake, traffic circulation was provided by creating an island. The arms of the intersection were temporarily removed and the traffic was transformed into a roundabout.


Arif Gürkan Alpay, Deputy Secretary General of IMM, spoke as follows about the ongoing work:

“Currently, our work continues as we have programmed, without interruption. In our intersection work, we are currently continuing at the 60-65 level. The bridge legs are finished. Work continues on the side walls, and within 10-15 days, we will put the bridge beams on top of it and have actually finished the reinforced concrete system by the holidays. Therefore, let's open the bridge and its lower axis to vehicle traffic on July 31."


İBB did not compromise on its environmentally sensitive attitude in its works. In this process, 29 trees in the intersection were moved without any damage. The remaining 57 will be transplanted in the future.


In the project, a new bridge with 32,50 spans, 44 meters wide and 2 meters long, will be built in place of the existing bridge. At the same time, a 350 meter long underpass will be built in the Unkapanı area of ​​the Eminönü - Alibeyköy Tram Line, which has been completed until Cibali. Thus, while the Unkapanı Junction bridge, which is insufficient in height and has completed its technical life, will be renewed, the tram line, whose Alibeyköy - Cibali section has been put into service, will be transported to Eminönü. Construction of a 350 meter long underpass for the tram line started on May 18. The work will be completed on 31 July 2022.

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