Turkish Cargo Continues Its Growth in the European Market

turkish cargo continues its growth in the european market
turkish cargo continues its growth in the european market

Turkish Cargo, the global air cargo brand serving 127 countries around the world, rose to the 2021st rank by carrying 25 out of every 4 shipments in Hungary cargo exports, with a market share of nearly 1%, according to April 1 International Air Transport Association (IATA) statistics.

Turkish Cargo, which delivers all kinds of products from spare parts to pharmaceuticals with the highest level of care and personalized service with 4 A330 cargo planes per week, surpassed many strong rivals in May 2021 and ranks 1.668nd in Turkey-Switzerland cargo exports with 2 tons, according to IATA statistics. took place.

Turkish Airlines Deputy General Manager (Cargo) Turhan Özen said, “As the world's fastest growing air cargo brand, we continue to add value to the European market with our contributions to the worldwide supply chain. We aim to reach every part of the world by increasing our success day by day. Not only with the transports we make; We resolutely continue our critical role in increasing the competitiveness of global trade with the areas we have opened, the sectors we have contributed to the development and the great logistics ecosystem we have created. With these achievements, we are progressing rapidly in our goal of being one of the top 2023 air cargo brands in the world by 3.”

Connecting the continents, Turkish Cargo maintains its global business processes with its fleet of 96 aircraft, 25 of which are direct cargo aircraft, with the world's largest cargo aircraft network consisting of 372 destinations among air cargo brands excluding express carriers. Providing sustainable growth with its infrastructure, operational capabilities, fleet and expert staff and aiming to be one of the top 3 air cargo brands in the world, Turkish Cargo continues to increase its service quality in a sustainable way in a constantly changing world by developing pioneering projects in the field of digitalization and innovation along with its innovation mission.

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