IMEX Istanbul Fair is Getting Ready to Bring the Information and Technology Sectors together

technology and informatics show starts at imex istanbul fair
technology and informatics show starts at imex istanbul fair

Covering the Information and Technology Sectors, which are the most important issues of today, IMEX Istanbul is preparing to bring the sector together at the Istanbul Expo Center on October 14-17, 2021.

IMEX Istanbul brings together all industry representatives, manufacturers, distributors, practitioners operating under the headings of information and technology, and users, investors, creators of industry products, and all business, academia and R&D professionals who follow the latest innovations. IMEX Istanbul, which will be the largest domestic organization where today's advanced technologies and new developments that are foreseen to be indispensable in our lives in the near future, will be exhibited, will undertake the international hosting of the sector in our country.

All of the main topics that make up the content of IMEX Istanbul cover all the products, devices, systems, applications and software that we are using today and that will take place more in our lives in the future. Within the framework of these contents, IMEX Istanbul will be the first domestic fair where all the information and technology products that we are using and developing will be exhibited under one roof and as a whole.

At IMEX Istanbul, where the products we use as a part of our daily lives and the applications we use together with these products will be exhibited and discussed, products, solutions and applications that we do not use in our daily life but will be a part of our lives in the very near future will also be introduced.

IMEX Istanbul; Operating in the fields of Information and Technology;

  • All industry companies and representatives
  • All producers, project creators
  • All distributors and representative companies
  • All dealers and implementing companies
  • All start-ups and new entrepreneurs and designers
  • All investors and entrepreneurs looking for new investment
  • All techno-cities and R&D centers
  • And all new entrepreneurs and investors who want to be in this sector.

It is a very important event that will be the center of today's technology and the key to the future.

Together with IMEX Istanbul;

  • The latest developments in Information and Technology will be exhibited in a single area, and current systems and future systems will be examined together.
  • Industry representatives and users will be able to come together in a single area.
  • Different sector groups that are in the sector but do not communicate with each other will be able to meet and develop existing relations as well as establishing new business relations.
  • It will enable large companies and small companies in the sector to meet at a single point and to establish potential solution partnerships as a result of this meeting.
  • It will be the place where new, developing and future products, systems and solutions are presented for the first time.
  • It will help users to see the current situation in the industry in a single area, as well as see and understand the future, and see what may happen in the future.
  • It will bring together big investors and start-ups. While the large participating investors will host the visiting start-ups and new ideas at their stands, the participating start-ups and new entrepreneurs will have the chance to showcase their ideas to the visiting big investors.

We invite you to join us in order to benefit from the relations and collaborations that this exciting event, which will be held for the first time in our country, covers the fields of information and technology.

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