TCDD's 3-Year Loss Over 8 Billion TL

tcdd's annual loss is over billion TL
tcdd's annual loss is over billion TL

The loss of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in 2020 increased by 51 percent compared to the previous year and became 3 billion 866 million 423 thousand TL. Announcing an increasing loss every year, TCDD's loss only in the last three years has reached 8 billion 971 million 281 thousand TL.

CHP İzmir Deputy and SEE Commission CHP Group sözcüAnswering Atila Sertel's question about the institution's loss for the last three years, TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun said, "The loss of our organization in 2018 is 2 billion 557 million 962 thousand 517 TL, the loss in 2019 is 2 billion 546 million 895 thousand 95 TL, and the loss in 2020 is 3 billion 866 million 423 thousand 656 TL," he said. General Manager Uygun announced that they expect a loss of 2021 billion 3 million 259 TL in 135.

CHP İzmir Deputy Atila Sertel, who made a statement about TCDD's loss reaching a record level, said, “TCDD, which is in a monopoly position in rail transportation, breaks records in loss instead of breaking records in the number of passengers and the amount of cargo carried. The company has been losing money for years. This damage is getting worse. Its loss in 2020 increased by 51 percent to almost 4 billion. We are talking about a loss of 4 quadrillion with old money,” he said.


Stating that the 194-year-old institution has almost turned into a colander due to the missing and fugitives in the institution, Atila Sertel said:

“It would not be wrong to say that in the 194-year history of TCDD, it has never made such a loss compared to its budget. But AKP policy; 'First capture the institutions, then all the cadres. It harms profit-making organizations. Then customize it as 'damaging'.' I hope and wish that such an insidious plan is not being carried out for TCDD. An institution with a long history; Billions of liras are lost every year due to unfinished tenders, unpaid lands, buildings, low rents, projects that have not been completed for many years, mismanagement due to three lira work being done for 10 lira, mismanagement, unaccountable works and some irregularities. For example, due to the Van Lake Ferry tender, the institution has a receivable of 494 thousand Euros and cannot collect it. For example; The institution has its own 107 parcels in Hadımköy, Istanbul. This place is occupied and cannot get rent from 104 factories here. For example, the institution has 549 immovable properties, but the rental prices are quite low and cannot increase the rents. For example, the TCDD building located at the Kapıkule border gate was given to the Bulgarian transportation company, but since 2017, the rental receivables, which have reached 181 Euros, cannot be collected. It is possible to multiply these examples. Therefore, I think that it is inevitable for the institution to make a profit once all these mistakes and irregularities have been eliminated. All of our people will see this under our rule. All SEEs will stand up again when the taps that are poured into supporters and renters are cut off," he said.


Stating that the unfinished projects of TCDD put a serious burden on the institution, Atila Sertel emphasized that 2019 projects that should have been completed in 12 have not been completed yet. Sertel said, “The project to rebuild the Kayaş-Ankara-Sincan line, which was started in 2010, has been going on for 11 years. Again, 2020 projects that are expected to be completed in 14 are still in progress. Ankara-İzmir YHT project and Ankara-Sivas YHT projects are among the big projects that have not been completed yet. Every unfinished project causes the institution to waste time and money.

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