Soyer, We Will Focus on Sea Transportation for Izmir's Traffic Problem

We Will Focus On Sea Transportation For Soyer Izmir's Traffic Problem
We Will Focus On Sea Transportation For Soyer Izmir's Traffic Problem

📩 02/07/2021 10:55

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerExpressing that they brought Izmir Marina to the city in order to strengthen the relationship of the people of Izmir with the Gulf, stated that the Gulf will also play a role in the solution of the city's traffic problem. President Soyer said, “We have to increase the traffic volume at sea. We should transfer road traffic to the sea as much as possible for the city," he said.

An event was held at the Izmir Marina, which was completely renovated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and presented to the citizens, due to the 1st of July Maritime and Cabotage Day. Speaking at Izmir Marina after the Gulf tour with the historical Bergama Ferry, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer He started his speech by celebrating the Cabotage Day. Minister Tunç Soyer“Cabotage Day is the symbol of our independence in our seas, the victory of our struggle for liberation and freedom in the seas. The main reason for bringing Izmir Marina to our city is; To further strengthen our relationship with our gulf, to which we owe many values ​​that make İzmir İzmir. Last year, we decided to lease this idle area in Üçkuyular for 5 years and run it by İzdeniz. As it is the only marina in the Gulf, our Marina is an important attraction not only for boat owners, but also for all Izmir residents.

We have two main goals

Stating that they aim to increase welfare and share it fairly throughout İzmir when taking office, Mayor Soyer noted that İzmir Marina has two main goals. Soyer said, “The first; to strengthen İzmir's relationship with the sea by creating an attraction at this unique point of our city. Latter; to establish a connection with the sea for children in disadvantaged neighborhoods who cannot reach the sea. With the trainings to be held at our Maritime Training Center in İzmir Marina, we primarily offer our children in the back neighborhoods the opportunity to learn about sea sports. This project also makes a great contribution to the increase of mobility in the Gulf. It offers a comfortable, attractive and peaceful accommodation focused on nature, history and culture for boats sailing in the Mediterranean.”

We have to increase the volume of traffic at sea

Stating that the biggest problem of Izmir in the last period is traffic and the use of vehicles has increased due to the pandemic, Soyer said, “It cannot be a destiny, we have to find solutions. The sea is the first of them. We are renting a new ferry and ferry, the works are in progress. We have to increase the volume of traffic at sea. We should transfer the traffic to the sea as much as possible on the highway in the city. As the expeditions became more frequent, the preference increased incredibly. While we experienced huge decreases in public transportation, we experienced incredible increases in sea transportation. We are on the right track, we will reinforce. We will give serious weight to maritime transportation and we will increase it.” Speaking about the Izmir – Midilli voyages, Soyer said, “Our intention was July 15th. If it opens by that time, we will start,” he said. Soyer noted that they will implement the İZTAŞIT application, which was implemented for the first time in Seferihisar, in the surrounding districts, and said, “Work will begin when it is agreed with the tradesmen”.

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