Wounds and Surgical Scars Are No More Trouble!

scars and surgical scars are no longer a problem
scars and surgical scars are no longer a problem

Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer gave information about the subject. It is a common problem that scars remain in the sutured area, especially after surgical incisions are applied and after the sutures are removed. The fact that these scars are especially visible on the visible part of the body after surgical operations for therapeutic purposes disturbs people and leads them to seek solutions.

With Plexr plasma energy, almost all of the procedures performed for the purpose of obtaining a new appearance on the skin without surgery are provided today. We achieve a great deal of success by using this feature of plexr technology in the treatment of stains, scars and burn scars without any incision.

Which scars can be treated with plexr?

In Plexr technology, where almost all kinds of incision scars can be treated, depending on the demands of people;
Cesarean birth marks, thyroid operations, aesthetic operations performed with surgical interventions, razor blades, facial scars, glass cuts, stitch marks, burn scars, chicken pox scars, ingrown hair operations and acne problems can be eliminated.

Non-Surgical Solution for Surgical Scars

The Plexr device is a state-of-the-art medical device that we use in the treatment of tissue tightening, lines and wrinkles and allows us to perform all these operations without surgery.

Plexr releases Plasma energy by ionizing the gases in the air. This emerging plasma energy is applied to the problem areas of the skin in very small measures and shrinkage is created in the skin. Since plasma energy does not reach the healthier, problem-free lower layers of the skin, only the problematic areas are exposed to heat, thus, no risk is taken during the applied treatment.

Advantages of plexr in scar treatment

  • Provides skin regeneration without the need for surgery.
  • The person returns to his daily life in a short time.
  • Since it is not a surgical procedure, there is no risk of infection.
  • Although a 2nd or 3rd session may be required depending on the size of the scars, a noticeable improvement is achieved in the first session.
  • Since the smooth areas of the skin are not exposed to heat, there is no risk.
  • Since the resulting heat is applied with nanometric measures, problems such as burning are not observed.
  • Its effects are permanent, the problem does not recur.
  • Anesthesia is not required, only numbing creams relieve the feeling of pain.

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