President War: Power Must Remove Bureaucratic Barriers for HADO

President savas made inspections at the Hatay sea bus facility
President savas made inspections at the Hatay sea bus facility

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Lütfü Savaş examined the HADO (Hatay Sea Bus) facility, which will contribute to the promotion, tourism and economy of Hatay.

Stating that all the works for the municipality regarding the infrastructure and correspondence of the HADO station in Arsuz have been completed, Mayor Savaş said, “We have also taken our security measures. We will have finished our furnishing by the end of this week. We expect the permits we have applied for in Ankara to expire as soon as possible. Now, as Hatay residents and the surrounding provinces, we are waiting to get on our sea bus and go to other countries, starting from Cyprus.”


Stating that HADO is an important investment for Hatay, President Savaş said, “We used 7 million resources only for the building here. We had an expenditure of 2 million including the 10 million rental fee and the furnishing. For the people of Hatay, for tourists going to Cyprus and other countries, this is really worth it.” Emphasizing that Hatay now has to “raise the bar”, Savaş said, “Hatay is a city with a clear path in tourism, trade and all kinds of commercial developments. In the next process, we want this port to be opened as soon as possible and HADO voyages to start as soon as possible, which will make our Hatay people more hopeful and increase their comfort by making better use of the Mediterranean.”


Stating that they expect support from the representatives of the government, Savaş said, “We also request the government and the representatives of the government in Hatay to stand behind this facility we have built. Let them support the just demands of the people of Hatay. And please speed up the bureaucracy in Ankara. If they continue to press the brakes bureaucratically, we will unfortunately lose this month and the next months. Unfortunately, we will have spent the summer skidding. We built this place, good luck to the people of Hatay," he said.

Lütfü Savaş continued his speech as follows:

“The government needs to remove the bureaucratic obstacles as soon as possible by thinking of the people of Hatay, and it needs to contribute to the removal of the permits from Ankara. We expect him to support the start of our sea bus services in the summer in July. I sincerely thank all our official institutions and organizations, our friends and our contractors who have contributed to this place, starting with our dear Governor, who has supported us so far.”

Stating that they want HADO expeditions to start as soon as possible, Savaş said, "The people of Hatay and the people in Cyprus are as excited and waiting as we are. Please let the representatives of the government hear my voice too. Hear the voice of our people from Hatay more than me. They should listen to that voice at least this time," he said.

HBB Deputy Secretary General Bülent Ok and Metin Açık accompanied President Savaş during his visit to HADO facilities.

Günceleme: 12/07/2021 15:04

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