Ministry of National Defense to Recruit 2553 Continuous Workers

National Defense Department
the ministry of defense will hire permanent workers

2.533 (two thousand five hundred and thirty-three) unemployed workers will be recruited to be employed in the Ministry of National Defense. Applications will be made on the İŞKUR website as of 02 July 2021.

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Applied in Recruiting Workers for Public Institutions and Organizations, permanent workers will be recruited to be employed in the workplaces of the Ministry of National Defense.

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1. Be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.

2. To have completed the age of 18 and have not reached the age of 36 as of the deadline.

3. Crimes against State security, even if forgiven, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, crimes against national defense, crimes against the secrets of the state and espionage, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy Not to be convicted of misrepresentation tender, misrepresentation of performance, laundering assets of crime or laundering smuggling.

4. Not having membership, affiliation or connection with the structures, formations or groups or terrorist organizations that are decided by the National Security Council to act against the national security of the State.

5. Not being in action with terrorist organizations, not helping these organizations, not using the public resources and resources to support these organizations, not making the propaganda of these organizations.

6. Not to be deprived of exercising public rights.

7. Not to be related to military service (to have done, suspended or exempted).

8. Not getting pension, old age or invalidity pension from any social security institution.
9. To graduate from the departments specified in the labor force demands as of the application deadline or to have the vocational qualification certificate/mastery certificate specified in the announcement as of the application deadline and to meet the other special conditions specified (Despite being entitled to a vocational qualification certificate or a mastery certificate, the certificate as of the application deadline) Those who are not regulated will also be able to apply. However, candidates must submit a document proving this situation during document checks).

10. To have a document showing the priority status specified in the first paragraph of the article 5 of the Regulation, which is mentioned among the candidates who have the right to priority for employment.

11. Among those who have the right of priority, those who do not respond to the announcement they have applied for except for force majeure, do not attend the exam, refuse the job or are placed in a job as a permanent employee in the public sector, although they are invited by the Ministry of National Defense, will have their priority right.

12. In accordance with the relevant disciplinary legislation of public institutions and organizations, applications of those who have been expelled from their posts or professions will not be accepted.

13. Each candidate can apply to an advertisement (a workplace and a profession) specified in the list published in İŞKUR. Applications of those who apply for more than one posting and those who apply from workers working in a workplace whose wages are paid from the general budget in the Ministry of National Defense will not be accepted.

14. In order for placement to work, candidates will be asked for a medical report stating that the archive research and / or security investigation has concluded positively and that there is no health problem in his / her profession.

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