Mesopotamia Street and Şanlıurfa Elazığ Road Connected

Mesopotamia Street and Sanliurfa Elazig Road were connected
Mesopotamia Street and Sanliurfa Elazig Road were connected

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality opened Mezopotamya Street, which connects Şanlıurfa road to Elazığ road, to traffic.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to open new connected roads that will ease the traffic flow, especially in the city center, in the 2021 asphalt season.

The Department of Road Construction, Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination has opened an alternative route for drivers by connecting Mesopotamia Street, which starts from the Şanlıurfa road in the central Kayapınar district, to the Elazığ road.

Şanlıurfa and Elazığ road connected with alternative route

The Metropolitan Municipality laid 1000 thousand cubic meters of excavation-fill, 50 thousand square meters of sub-base, 90 thousand square meters of binder and 34 thousand square meters of wear layer on the road that is 36 meters long and 35 meters wide.

On the newly opened road, an automatic barrier level was built in the section where the train tracks pass.

The works will be completed with 12 thousand square meters of pavement and 80 lighting poles to be laid by the teams on Mesopotamia Street.

With the street opened to traffic after the completion of the asphalt paving work, an alternative route was added to the road network in the city between Şanlıurfa and Elazığ boulevards.

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