LİYAKAT 'Distanced' Met for Breakfast

Merit met at distance breakfast
Merit met at distance breakfast

📩 06/07/2021 11:12

Leader Creative Participants Association (LIYAKAT) organized breakfast for its members in Perispri Alaçatı after the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic were lifted. He said that his members did not take a break from getting used to the pandemic process, and that the association continues to produce projects to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Eskinazi said, “The pandemic has caused many changes in the world. There have been radical changes in every aspect of life, from health to technology, from shopping to production. It would be a mistake to think that these changes, which are very important in business life as well as social change, are 'temporary'. Relationships within the family and between spouses have changed with the pandemic. These changes will continue to be shaped according to the course of the pandemic.”

Saying that they came together to satisfy the longing with the members after the restrictions were lifted, Eskinazi said, “Despite the difficult process we went through, we realized many projects. We want to accelerate our efforts with the removal of restrictions. As LİYAKAT, we will not leave entrepreneurs alone in the changing world. Because the cure for the virus is the vaccine, the medicine for life is entrepreneurship. It is impossible to beat the virus without a vaccine. It is not possible to sustain life without entrepreneurs. That's why every valuable member of LİYAKAT will continue to work in all areas of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and will continue to develop themselves to keep up with these changes.”

Aysu Aytekin, one of the members of LİYAKAT, made a taste presentation of the chocolates she produced under the brand “Fine Chocolate Atalier” at the end of the breakfast. The members later met with the founder of Perispri Alaçatı, the famous glass and ceramic artist Cahide Erel. Erel said that he is preparing a surprise exhibition for İzmir.

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