Karalar Çakmak Line Cutting Electrification Systems Catenary Material Purchase

karalar cakmak line cutting electrification systems catenary material purchase

Karalar Çakmak Line Cutting Electrification Systems Catenary Material Purchase

Article 1 - Information on the business owner
1.1. The owner of the business administration;
a) Name: TCDD 6 Regional Directorate Seyhan / Adana
b) Address: Kurtuluş Mah. Atatürk Cad. Uğur Mumcu Square Gar Station
Opposite Seyhan / Adana
c) Phone number: 0322 4575354 / 4249

d) Fax number: 0322 4531195
e) Electronic mail address: 6bolgemudurlugu@tcdd.gov.tr
f) Name-surname/title of the relevant personnel: Tuba DEMİRKAPI; Caglayan AVSAR;Aykut KIZILTEPE; İbrahim ÇETİNEL
1.2. Tenderers may obtain information about the tender by contacting the personnel from the above addresses and numbers.

Article 2- Information on the subject of the tender
Goods subject to the tender;
a) Name: Karalar-Çakmak (Including Lighter Station) Line Section Electrification

Systems Catenary Material Purchase Work
b) JCC registration number: 2021 / 421903
c) Quantity and type:
1- NAVIGATION WIRE (107 mm2) (Cu) 24.700 Mt.
2- PORTOR WIRE (70 mm2) (Bz II)
26.400 Mt.
3- Pendulum Wire 3.000 Mt.
4- Silicone Insulator (55 mm in diameter) 1.000 pcs.
5- Silicone Insulator (70 mm in diameter) 250 pcs.
6- Travel Wire End Coupler 100 Pcs.
7- Porter Wire End Coupler 100 pcs.
8- Rapel Grifi 800 pcs.
d) Place of delivery: Ulukışla/Niğde
e) Other information:

Article 3-Tender Information
Information on the tender;
a) Tender procedure: Open Tender Procedure
b) The address of the tender shall be: TCDD 6. Office Building Hall Meeting Hall Floor: 1
Seyhan / adana
c) Tender date: 17 / 08 / 2021
d) Tender time: 10: 00
e) Tender commission meeting place: TCDD 6. Office Building Meeting Room Floor: 1 Goods and Service Procurement Commission Seyhan / Adana

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