İzmir Loved Foça, Mordoğan and Urla Ferries

izmir foca loved the mordogan and urla ferries
izmir foca loved the mordogan and urla ferries

The summer expeditions initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ General Directorate attracted great attention from the people of Izmir. Citizens who can easily reach Foça, Mordoğan and Urla by sea on Saturdays and Sundays enjoy their daily vacation.

With the end of the pandemic restrictions, the "Weekend Summer Expeditions" organized to Foça, Mordoğan and Urla became the favorite of daily vacationers. Citizens, who wanted to enjoy three beautiful summer resorts, flocked to the ships from the first week. While no increase is made in the fee schedule; In case of purchasing a round-trip ticket, a 2020% discount is also provided compared to the prices of 10.

Ümit Yılmaz, General Manager of İZDENİZ, said, “Our goal was to offer the opportunity of transportation at sea in a short time, among the places where more distance is covered in land traffic. We planned the lines accordingly and minimized the time spent at sea. We offer convenient and comfortable travel opportunities. Occupancy rates reached 70 percent within two weeks. Interest in all lines of transportation by sea is increasing day by day. This picture motivates us even more for safe, comfortable and quality service.” Yılmaz added that travel without masks is not allowed on expeditions, and the ships are disinfected before and after the voyage.

Additional expedition for Foça and Mordogan

İZDENİZ, Üçkuyular–Foça and Karşıyaka- It also organizes additional flights for passengers who want to use the flights on the Mordoğan line and live on both sides of Izmir. For passengers who want to use the Üçkuyular – Foça (08.15) flight on Saturdays and Sundays Karşıyakafrom Üçkuyular at 07.30; Karşıyaka – For passengers who want to use the Mordagan (08.30) flight, from Üçkuyular KarşıyakaAdditional flights are made to 07.50.

Ticket sales points

Izmirim Card is not used in Foça, Mordoğan and Karaburun flights, which are only made on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets, weekdays and at least one day before the departure day Karşıyaka, Konak and Üçkuyular piers and İzmir Marina Front Office. The Urla Expedition costs 12,5 TL for one way and 20 TL for a round trip. For Mordoğan and Foça flights, the one-way price is 25 TL; round trip 45 TL.

Detailed information about departure times and ticket sales points can be obtained from izdeniz.com.tr.

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