İZBAN Station Names, Timetables and Route Map

izban stop names, timetable and route map
izban stop names, timetable and route map

The suburban line İZBAN, which carries the traffic load of İzmir, the third largest city of Turkey, has 41 stations in total. The total length of the suburban line serving between Aliağa and Selçuk is 136 kilometers. İZBAN flight times vary according to public holidays or weekdays. İZBAN, which is connected to the airport, is one of the largest urban rail public transportation systems.

İZBAN Route Map

IZBAN Route Map

İZBAN Stops and Names

  1. Aliaga,
  2. Biçerov to,
  3. Hatundere,
  4. Menemen,
  5. Egekent 2,
  6. Ulukent
  7. Egekent,
  8. Ata Industry,
  9. Çiğli,
  10. Mavişehir,
  11. Şemikler,
  12. Demirköprü,
  13. Narcissus,
  14. Karşıyaka,
  15. Alaybey,
  16. Naldöken,
  17. Turan,
  18. Bayraklı,
  19. Salhane,
  20. Halkapınar,
  21. Red flag,
  22. Crescent,
  23. Belt,
  24. Şirinyer,
  25. Running,
  26. Revolution,
  27. District Garage,
  28. Esbas,
  29. Gaziemir,
  30. Cistern,
  31. Adnan Menderes Airport,
  32. Cumaovası,
  33. Develi,
  34. Monopoly,
  35. Pancar,
  36. Kuşçubur's,
  37. Bag,
  38. Tepeköy,
  39. Health,
  40. Belevi
  41. Selçuk

stations. Alaybey, Karşıyaka, Narcissus and Sirinyer stations are underground, other stations are above ground.

İZBAN Timetable

  • Expedition Start Time: 05:20
  • Arrival Time at Last Station: 01:23

İZBAN flight times may differ on public holidays.

Metro and Tram Transfer Stations of İZBAN Line

From Halkapınar and Hilal stations to İzmir subway; Buses can be transferred from Alsancak, Biçerova, Cumaovası, Çiğli, Egekent, Esbaş, Halkapınar, Hatundere, Kemer, Mavişehir, Menemen, Salhane, Sarnic, District Garage, Sirinyer, Turan and Ulukent stations. Adnan Menderes Airport can be reached from the station of the same name to the south of the line. Alaybey, Alsancak, Halkapınar and Mavişehir stations can be transferred to tram lines.

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