People Make Their Decisions With Emotions and Support With Their Logic

People take their decisions with their emotions and support them with their logic.
People take their decisions with their emotions and support them with their logic.

Reaching a wide readership from the business world with his books on business management and intercompany marketing, Recep Akbayrak said, “As neuroscience proves, people first make their decisions with their emotions and then support them with their logic, which offers great opportunities for marketing.” says.

Companies today strive to reach and sell to potential customers, but few companies actually focus on what their potential customers want.

Recep Akbayrak, one of the experts in intercompany marketing in Turkey, explains the necessity of focusing on the customer's needs in his latest book The Art of Finding Customers.

Akbayrak; “Today, products look alike. There are almost no products with extreme differences. Despite this, some companies prefer to buy products from the leader of the industry. Some prefer to work with newly established companies. There are many reasons for this situation, but the biggest reason is this: People first make their decisions with their emotions, and then they support their decision with logic. In other words, people convince themselves first. Based on this scientific fact alone, it's not hard to imagine what could be done with marketing." says.


Stating that there are significant opportunities to grow both in Turkey and abroad for SMEs that put B2B (between-company) marketing at the center and implement it, Recep Akbayrak also explains the sectoral focus system he put forward through application examples.


Most companies focus so much on their own products and services that just explaining the benefit is thought to be enough to make sales and create loyal customers, the author said. “However, your potential customers are not interested in how many sectors your products are used in. He wants information.” said. Recep Akbayrak added that the most effective marketing method for B2B brands is sectoral focus.

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