İmamoğlu Made Rail Welding at Dudullu Bostancı Metro Kayışdağı Station

imamoglu dudullu made rail welding at bostanci metro kayisdagi station
imamoglu dudullu made rail welding at bostanci metro kayisdagi station

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu boiled the rail this time at Kayışdağı Station of the Dudullu-Bostancı metro line, where he started the reconstruction works on July 10, 2020. Emphasizing that Kayışdağı Station, which was designed as an art and technology center, will be the largest station on the Anatolian side, İmamoğlu said, “One year ago, we greeted a pit with a support wall. Today, we are talking about design and art. I would like to thank everyone who contributed,” he said. The production of the line, the construction of which started in 1, was stopped in 2016 due to lack of financing. The construction of the 2019-station line, which will pass through 4 districts, was resumed using IMM's own resources.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) started the construction of the Dudullu-Bostancı metro line with 4 stations, which will pass through 13 districts, on February 26, 2016. Manufacturing operations, which reached 55 percent, came to a standstill in March 2019 due to lack of financing. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, who took office after the 23 June 2019 elections, gave priority to the issue of stopped metro lines and focused on finding financial resources. The works on the Dudullu-Bostancı metro line were restarted in 2020, with the use of IMM's own resources. İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu restarted the construction of the Dudullu-Bostancı Metro Line with a ceremony held on July 10, 2020 at the Kayışdağı Station construction site of the line.


İmamoğlu was again at Kayışdağı Station of the line, whose manufacturing operations reached 75 percent today. İmamoğlu, who carried out the welding process of the last rail line at the station; IMM Deputy Secretary General Orhan Demir received information about the project and studies from Pelin Alpkökin, Head of Rail Systems Department, and Erol Özgüner, Head of Information Processing Department. İmamoğlu also visited the "Zemin Istanbul" area, which was designed as a culture-art area within the station, and made his evaluation about the examination here. Emphasizing that the Dudullu-Bostancı line is one of the most heavily used lines on the Anatolian side, İmamoğlu said:


“I always say: Another dimension will be a line that carries this dense population to the beach. We will also connect you with sea transportation from Bostancı. We will be experiencing its impact alive. Again, we have a tight landscape and square area there. As an example, we boiled our rails in Dudullu today. Very precious. I hope this spark will lead to the end of our line here as soon as possible. Our friends are starting their driving tests in September by giving a signal. At the same time, such areas are very valuable; art space, meeting space… In addition to a space we have created here, we are working as a center that is related to high technology, where young people get the opportunity, where they meet with their start-ups, where they conduct development studies and workshops. We will be sharing his good news with our young people as soon as possible. There are some very valuable universities nearby. This is a place where those universities come with a few stops. Another feature is that it is the biggest station on the Anatolian side. In that respect, my friends just saw it, we saluted a pit with shoring (support wall) 1 year ago. Today, we are talking about design and art. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. God bless you all.”


Line; M5 Üsküdar-Çekmeköy metro line at Dudullu station and M4 at Kozyatağı station Kadıköy-Tavşantepe metro line will be integrated with the Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli metro line at Mevlana station and with the Marmaray facility at Bostancı station. KadıköyThere will be 13 stations (Bostancı, Emin Ali Pasha, Ayşekadın, Kozyatağı, Küçükbakkalköy, İçerenköy, Kayışdağı, Mevlâna, İmes, Modoko, Dudullu, Huzur, Parcels) on the line that will pass through, Maltepe, Ataşehir and Ümraniye districts.

Imamoglu; He went to Maltepe after Kayışdağı and made investigations on the "Basıbuyuk-Samandıra Road Junction Construction".



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