Hibernating Cancer Cells

hibernating cancer cells
hibernating cancer cells

Phytotherapy Specialist Dr. Şenol Şensoy talked about how cancer cells act to hide from chemotherapy and how phytotherapy is effective in this case.

On January 7, 2021, a research article was published in the Journal of Cell, explaining that cancer cells, realizing that they are under threat, "slow down the rate of proliferation" to protect themselves. In the study, which is stated to be the first time that such a feature of cancer cells has been discovered, Dr. Catherine O'Brien had this to say about the research: 'The tumor acts like a cohesive organism, slowing itself down and conserving its energy to survive. There are examples where some animals behave similarly to survive in harsh conditions. Cancer cells seem to have learned this survival strategy very well.

Scientists have observed that more than 100 mammals go into a low-energy state in order to safely protect their embryos in harsh environmental conditions, and cancer cells have learned this embryonic survival method.

Head of the Princess Margaret Cancer Center Research Institute, Dr. Aaron Schimmer also noted that the cells hibernate “similar to bears.”

This research article continues within the framework of this approach and concludes with predictions that it may pave the way for new approaches in treatment and more effective chemotherapy methods. This new discovery somehow did not surprise me at all. Due to the creation of all living things, it is obvious that the basic behavior is very similar. Humanity has known for a long time that the living cell actually possesses many protective mechanisms in order to preserve the health of a developed organism or a human body, and that these mechanisms come into play when needed. The first human being who was created was a scholar, that is, a being who had knowledge about the world he lived in and his own existence (biological, spiritual and mental abilities), a scholar in our words, and a scientist at the same time with the modern western expression. Where am I trying to get from here? The mechanisms and treatment (solution) principles of all the diseases (problems) we experience, whether social, psychological, economic or biological, are very similar to each other. If you look at life and science from a sick perspective, you will stumble at every step and always fail to make new discoveries for the benefit of humanity. Until the day comes when we can reveal our own view and will, we are unfortunately condemned to apply the methods and treatment methods of today's scientific studies.

Despite all the negative consequences of developing technology, production methods and lifestyles, it is a necessity to protect our mental, physical and mental health, and to apply natural and rational approaches to our lives by making use of our memory inherited from the past, which are suitable for our creation at the point of solving our diseases and problems.

In the treatment of cancer, phytotherapeutic (herbal treatment) approaches, which can be put forward by taking advantage of thousands of years of experience and today's technological opportunities, provide us with great advantages. Studies have shown that medicinal plants have beneficial effects at every stage of cancer, from cancer stem cells, for which we cannot develop new treatment approaches, to dormant cancer cells. As a medical doctor, it is of course not ethically and scientifically possible for me to reject today's classical treatment methods. However, it is not possible for me to accept insensitive behaviors and approaches regarding the risks and side effects of treatment approaches. In terms of treatment approaches, we need to implement treatment protocols by empathizing with our patients, emphasizing their feelings towards their children, siblings, and parents, not with an engineering (mechanical) approach that repairs any machine, and by 'prioritizing not to harm'.

When all kinds of positive conditions come together such as classical medical treatments, traditional and complementary methods such as phytotherapy, moral support, good nutrition, exercise and quality sleep, if possible, clean air and a peaceful living space, there is no reason why cancer cannot be cured. The doctor and the system must have full faith in the patient's recovery. If the patient believes that he will get better and wants to get better, he will get better. In my opinion, it is not right for a physician who believes that his patient cannot be treated, to give him treatment. This is a method, not a trick. If there is an error in the procedure, the original becomes void. Even if you use the right tools with an inappropriate method, you cannot reach the goal.

Let's end with the words of Ibn Sina again. “There is no disease that cannot be cured except a lack of willpower.”

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